Palette of the Week: Little Briar Rose

The Little Briar Rose eyeshadow Palette

In a continuing effort to rotate all of my eyeshadow palettes, determine which ones I want to keep and which ones need to leave my overcrowded drawer, I am choosing one pallet each week and using it for the entire week. As I sometimes tend to just grab one of my favorite palettes and use it repeatedly, this also forces me to shake things up a little.

Last week I chose the Little Briar Rose Palette from Storybook Cosmetics (retail $55).  It came in my December Boxyluxe box and I decided to spend a week using it.  It is a very interesting palette.

While I appreciate the design of the palette, and the cute factor of making it look like a book, the packaging does take up a lot of space. While that wasn’t a major problem, I am not sure how I will feel about that in the long run. I only have so much space that I am willing to give to makeup storage. It is in fact mostly limited to my old fashioned dressing table with large deep drawers and a small powder room. This means that I tend to be a bit selective in what I keep long term.

For now, this palette is good enough and something I will use often enough to merit the use of space, but further down the road, I can already foresee the mental debate.

However like I said it is a good palette.

I really like the color story of this palette.  While it does have a number of pinky rosy tones, It also has enough blue and golds to make it more versatile.  In addition while it is a good winter palette, the dark reddish color of Grimm coupled with the gold of enchanted working well for a colder weather look, I can also see some of the lighter tones like Kiss  and Spindle working well as the weather edges towards Spring. There is enough variety that I was able to use the colors this week for various looks without getting bored.

As you can see from the swatches, Briar Rose turned out to be almost invisible on my skin and was my least favorite.  The mattes however are all soft and buttery.  The darker colors such as Prince and Grimm had some fallout from the powder, but they are very pigmented and I found if I used a light hand with them I had no problems. I know everyone says to do you eyeshadows first and then put on the rest of your makeup but I have always done my face first and finished with the eyes.

I apologize for the bad swatches, I will practice and get better. The top color on my wrist is actually the bottom right color called Kiss so technically, it is swatched backwards if you are trying to orient yourself.

Well technically I do the eyes, the setting spray, then I fix my hair, and finally return to add mascara and lipstick, but you know what I mean. When I know a set of shadows I want to use has a tendency to produce a lot of fall out I try reversing the order but I always feel like I am forgetting something.

So I just used a light hand on Prince and Grimm.

I can easy see Thorn becoming my go to color for a simple all over the lid one and done look, in fact I used that a couple of times this past week as I was running around with last minute holiday things. It is a nice light mauve shade that suits my skin quite well.

Then there are the shimmery glittery shades.  If going for subtle, they can be applied with a dry brush, for more impact a wet brush or a finger (which is what I most often use, truth be told) they apply like a dream, however after about an hour, they start their grand migration. I tend to apply glitters on the inner part of my eye and while they looked great at the start, a little later the glitters were making a path down the side of my nose and relocating to my under eye area. This tendency is more pronounced in Enchanted and Fairies than it is in Beauty, but even Beauty starts to pull a runner towards the end of the day.  Castle and Talia generally stayed put though.

All in all it is a mixed reaction.  The glitter relocation I am not a fan of, but everything else about the shadows I like.  I think I may work with the shimmers a bit to see if there is a way to make them work, but I definitely love the color Thorn. Whether that is enough to overcome the runaway glitters and the palette size I don’t know.  I’ll have to see.  For now, since I started with the two most recently acquired palettes in my collection, I am going to my large eyeshadow drawer, pull it open and reach in blindly to choose this week’s palette.  I’ll let you know next Monday how it goes.

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