The Skincare Line up: July 23rd, 2021

Good morning my darlings and welcome to Friday.  It is time once again for the Skincare lineup.  There are a few samples I rolled in so I could try them out and a few issues with some of the existing products.  Let’s get into is shall we?

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Powder and Cotton Deodorant

Cleanser: Purlisse Watermelon and Charcoal Purifying Cleanser

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

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Serum: Byroe Bell Pepper serum

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer

Sunscreen: Coola Sun Silk Drops Sunscreen

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

The first change to my weekly day time line up this week you will see is in the cleaner.  This week’s cleanser is from Purlisse.  I am a big fan of the brand and they tend to rotate in and out of my skincare routine quite often.  I picked this up as an add on through IPSY because it sounded interesting and was a Purlisse product I had not tried before.  Due to the charcoal it is a slightly off putting blackish gel when you dispense it, but it immediately foams to white when you apply it to the skin.  It is not terribly foamy but it does make the skin feel nice and clean without feeling stripped which is nice.  For me the scent was a bit much.  It smells a lot like watermelon candy.  I found I didn’t mind it in the morning, but really didn’t like it at night, hence the reason my night time routine sticks with my Korres Cleanser.  I will continue using the Watermelon cleanser as it is a really good cleanser but because of the scent I am not certain I would purchase this in a full size.  I would definitely use a sample if it came my way again, but a full size might just be too much watermelon for me to take.

The Byroe Bell Pepper serum is supposed to sooth and calm irritation.  Thanks to the Time Revolution Artemisia Essence, I don’t need a lot of extra calming but the two working together have really helped improve the minor sun damage and irritation.  (I’ll mention that a little bit more when I get to the other skin care section below).  I haven’t been using this Byroe serum long but I am liking the way it has performed thus far.

This week I also rotated a toner into my line up and I really like it.  Used in the morning it lets me make certain the remnants of my sleeping mask are removed and in the evening it makes certain that he last vestiges of makeup have been cleared away before I add my other skincare.  If you notice the product level in the bottle, I did not go through this much toner in one week.  I tried it and set it aside for some reason I can’t remember and now I am going back to use it up. I really like this toner. Murad is one of those brands I like keeping around but tend not to use consistently.  For example I have a Murad Cleanser that is acne fighting.  When I was getting a lot of maskne, that was an excellent cleanser to help dry oily bits out.  It is too drying to use more than occasionally, but it is great in a targeted regimen.  The Hydrating toner I can use pretty much long term though.  This isn’t my first bottle of this toner and probably won’t be my last.

The Air Repair moisturizer was a little bit problematic for me this week.  It works well at night, but it is a little too heavy for me during the day.  It is a very thick formula and I have noticed a few issues with heaviness and greasiness when I wear it in the day time.  For now I am going to keep it as a night time moisturizer so that it doesn’t go to waste and then roll in a different moisturizer for daytime use. This is the last week it will be featured in the daytime.

Since I have several sunscreen samples I am rolling them into the line up to try out and see if I like them.  This week is the Coola Sun Silk drops.  It is a chemical sunscreen and one drop basically covered my face.  It absorbs well and gave me no problems under makeup.  I have to say I really enjoyed this serum sunscreen and would definitely consider buying it in a full size.  I’m actually kind of surprised actually as there are a lot of sunscreens that I just don’t like.  This one is light weight and I was really impressed with it. There is a light orange scent to it, which I think is covering up the chemical scent of the sunscreen.  I actually like the scent of it.  It fades away pretty quickly though so it isn’t a big issue, just something to be aware of if you are scent sensitive.  Or don’t like oranges. I am about half way through my sample and will continue using it until it is gone and then rotate in another sample to try out. This is definitely a product I will look into buying in the full size.

Nighttime Skin Care

Makeup Remover: Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser from Peach Slices

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple), no lip scrub

Night Mask: Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Overnight repair serum

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

The big change in the night time skincare this week was the makeup remover.  This is more like a cream than it is a balm.  Peach slices is a brand featured on the Peach and Lily website.  It was part of the group of products I ordered last month during their big sale.  Unsurprisingly is smells like peaches and actually looks a bit like pudding.  Not a lot is needed to cover the entire face.  Thus far the only product I had issues about removing has been the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet Mascara.  For that I had to call in my Klorane Coneflower waterproof eye makeup remover (which took it off instantly with no stinging eyes).

Everything else, including other mascaras have come off beautifully with this Peach Pudding makeup cleanser.  I do use a regular cleanser afterwards.  This cleanser has the word hydrating in the description and while that does help to make certain the skin is not stripped, it also means that I feel like there is a slightly greasy residue left behind.  As it is step one in my nightly cleanse, that doesn’t really bother me. My Korres Cleanser takes off the residue easily leaving my skin clean without stripping it down. I am very much liking this Peach pudding makeup cleanser as it really does a good job removing makeup.  Unless something goes horribly wrong by the end of my usage, I will certainly be purchasing this cleanser again.

In Other Skincare

Ole Henriksen Phat Glow Facial

My trial of this facial continues.  I still like the product and how it makes my skin feel.  I am less enthused by the pump.  Because the mask is of a rather heavy consistency, the pump has to work really hard and it really doesn’t like dispensing a lot of product at a time.  So many, many pumps have to occur to get enough product out to cover the face.  So the pump is not my friend.  But the product is. I have had a bit of sun sensitivity from the product though and while I am now limiting my time outside, especially on the days after I have used the product (I use this Tuesday and Thursday Nights).  I also tend to use the Time Revolution and the Bell Pepper essence more on Wednesdays and Fridays.  I’ve actually started rinsing my face after being outside and then just applying a few drops of the Time Revolution to the skin so the Artemisia can soak in and take care of the sun sensitivity.

Over all the products and combination of products I am using at the moment are working well for me.  I will be rolling in a daytime moisturizer that will hopefully be more suitable and once the Purlisse Cleanser is finished I will try out another of my sample cleansers.  I will also be looking at some other samples that I might want to try just so I can clear out some of my samples so the samples box will no longer be overflowing.

But for now this has been the skincare line up I used this week.

My Little Mascara Club

The Skincare Line up: July 16th, 2021

Good morning and welcome once again to the weekly skincare line up. Here I line up all of the products I used this week and give you some brief thoughts about how i feel about them. It’s not an in depth review but just a little bit of a progress report. So let’s dive in shall we?

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Powder and Cotton Deodorant

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

  • Currently on sale for 40% off

Serum: Whal Myung Anti-Oxidant Rejuvenating Serum (finished on Thursday morning) and Byroe Bell Pepper Serum

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer (finished Thursday night) and Air Repair Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (product gifted by Influenster)

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Most of the elements this week remained the same. Actually all of the repeat items are working beautifully. The Whal Myung Anti-Oxident Serum was a sample size and I did finish it out this week. It felt very good on the skin, light and refreshing, but with only just under two weeks with the product there were no visible results so i have to go on non-result based opinion with this one. To be honest as good as it felt, it smelled quite perfume-y. There are some perfumy products that I’ve used where i have gotten past the scent and enjoyed using. I don’t think this is the sort of scent i can really move past. i don’t enjoy it and I think that if I were to buy a full sized bottle I would slowly stop using it because of the scent. And that would be wasteful. So I am going to just appreciate the chance to try it out and then send it to the empties bin with no plans to repurchase.

The Byroe Bell Pepper Serum I picked up from my skin care drawer simply because I was in a hurry. I need to look into what it is supposed to do. For the moment it feels nice on the skin and has almost no scent to it. Which is kind of nice after the Whal Myung. I’ve only used it twice at the point so there isn’t much else to say. Next week I’ll have a better handle on how it performs as well as what to expect (I’ll be looking that up later today.)

The other change was the First aid Beauty Moisturizer. It was a fantastic product and one I will repurchase. I had a couple of more weeks left in the jar, however I accidentally forgot to screw the lid on tight enough and it accidentally got knocked over and was left to drip out of the jar creating quite a mess as no one caught it before most of it was gone. I was not happy and have to bear at least 50% off the blame since i did not tighten the lid properly. As I am not the one who knocked over the jar, I’ll give the other 50% to someone else. However it was a very good lesson in double checking the lids before leaving the bathroom.

It was a very good summertime moisturizer for me.

I have brought in a tube of the Air Repair moisturizer. A while ago I tried a sample and thought it was okay. I remember being on the fence about whether I wanted to buy a full size or not and then I ended up with a full size in a subscription box. So now I get to try it out. I’ll admit, I partially chose it because it is in a tube and not a jar. Hence, no spillage. This morning was my first use of the tube. It is thicker than I thought it would be and I am still getting used to the switch from the lighter gel cream. I’m sure I;ll have deeper thoughts for you next week, but for now that is about it.

Everything else is chugging along. The Time Revolution essence is still fantastic after too much sun. I did realize this week that it is not a toning essence though. Which you would think would be obvious. However my last essence was a toning essence so I opted out of adding a toner to my skin care routine while using it. This coming week i will be pulling one of my toners into the line up.

In addition i noticed that I have more cleanser samples than I thought so I might be pausing my Korres and trying them out, just to clear out some of the samples and decide what I want to think about repurchasing. Many of the samples have less than a week’s worth of product in them so i figure I can use the sample and then fill in with the Korres. That way I can clear out a few of the sample sizes as my sample box is now overflowing.

But that seems to be all for the day time products, shall we peep into the night?

Nighttime Skin Care

Makeup Remover: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: Air Repair moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (gifted by Influenster)

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple), no lip scrub

Night Mask: Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Overnight repair serum

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Twice weekly: Ole Henriksen’s Phat Glow Facial

As in the day time, the moisturizer and serum changed. but the only real difference has been the addition of the Ole Henriksen Phat Glow Facial to th line up. I am currently using it twice a week to see how it works. Thus far I have noticed a little sun sensitivity on the morning after I use the mask. It isn’t a lot of sensitivity, but it is noticeable to me. Admittedly this week i spent a lot of time in the sun, which could have played an additional role. In the upcoming week there will be less in the sun time so I’ll see how that effects things. My skin is soft and the stress blemishes I had from earlier summer events are fading and being cleared away without scarring, which is nice. The pump is kind of driving me a bit crazy though. I think because it is such a thick formula the pump is not happy about pumping the mask out. But other than that I really like the product. I will be monitoring the sun but I am happy to continue using this.

You may notice one extra addition in the lineup that doesn’t match the description. And that is the cleansing balm. I have been using the Elemis Cleansing Balm (one of my all time favorites). I used the last of the product in the jar last night and so replaced the empty with the brand new Peach Pudding Cleanser that I just ordered from Peach and Lily. It hasn’t been opened, but I moved it into place in anticipation of this evening.

Everything else in the list is still performing beautifully. I know that doesn’t make for a very exciting post, but it is good for my skin. And next week there will be more details on the newer products as well as some new trials rolled into the line up. But for now, my skin is quite happy with the products used.

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A Phat Friday Face Mask

Today’s Friday Face Mask is an interesting one. I am trying it out as a Friday face mask, but if it works well I will be using it twice a week (as recommended) to see how it performs overtime, thus incorporating it into my skincare line up.

This mask is the Phat Glow Facial from Ole Henriksen. I am a big fan of the brand, or at least I used to be. For a long time several of their products were my go-to. Their balancing cleanser and Toner pretty much lived on the side of my sink for a long time. I just bought them on repeat. Then I started trying other products. I still love them and will purchase them again, but it has been a while. I tend to do that with products. I find a favorite use it repeatedly for a while and then decide to take a break and try something new. While I like trying new things this also has the benefit of being re-surprised by old favorites.

Even though I have had very good lick with Ole Henricksen before, I have never tried this mask. I have seen and read great things about it though so I decided that as a birthday present to myself I would pick it up. And so I did. According to the website…

Get flawless skin in a flash with PHAs, the no-downtime exfoliating acid and key ingredient in Ole’s first one-step at-home facial. What makes PHAs so special? They’re fat, literally. Like AHAs, PHAs deliver skin-perfecting, age-fighting results, but PHAs are just a little “plumper.” They’re a bigger molecule, so they don’t go as deep as they loosen up the “glue” that binds the surface layer of skin together, and reveal the newer, fresher skin underneath. That means less irritation and recovery time for everyone—even sensitive types.

Whether your plans involve a red carpet and limo or red wine and the couch, this innovative at-home facial is the ultimate “get ready with me” prep step. The massage-activated formula creates a perfecting cocoon, then instantly reveals smoother, illuminated, no-filter-necessary skin.

This is also listed as one of their best sellers.

The pump took a little while to get going but eventually it did dispense. I have to say it is not a very appealing looking mask. It has a slight minerally scent to it that is not unpleasant and really not that noticeable. It tends to fade away as you apply it. It applies onto the skin in a tanish color, but then you massage it to turn it white.

Once it turns white you leave it to sit on your face for 15 minutes before removing with a damp wash cloth. It is not a startling reveal but it is a noticeable change from the tan to white. I actually really like the change because it lets me know that I have massaged it enough and can now let it sit.

And so I let it sit for fifteen minutes. Because this Phat Glow facial is an exfoliating mask I didn’t want to lay down and risk falling asleep with it on, so I moved around the house while wearing it. There was no tingling or discomfort from the mask and when the timer went off after fifteen minutes, I returned to the bathroom to remove it.

Before on the left and after masking on the right.

These are the before and after mask photos. While the mask claims that there is an immediate difference, I don’t detect much of a difference. My skin does feel cleansed and soft but not stripped. I am okay with the fact that there was no noticeable change right away. I tend to trust skin care more when it works over time. I think it is because I don’t expect immediate results to last.

And because I don’t think of skin care as magic.

I am very happy with this first use of the Phat Glow Facial. There was no skin irritation, my skin feels nice even if there doesn’t look like there is a major change. I am very happy to give this one a go twice a week for a while to see if there ends up being some long term benefits. Since it worked well, I will be migrating this into my skincare line up and I’ll keep you posted on how it works with continued use. Thus far, the Phat Glow Facial gets a thumbs up for a Friday Face mask.

If you are a fan of the brand, I noticed when I was on the site looking up information in this face mask that they have some kind of sale going on with many of their products. Quite a few of their cleansers and scrubs seem to be on sale. I personally really enjoy their cleansers. If you are looking to stock up, now might be the time to check them out.

Ole Henriksen

The Skincare Line Up: July 9th, 2021

The Full Line up, July 9th, 2021

Good morning my darlings and welcome to the weekly Skincare lineup.  This isn’t an in depth review but more of a recap of what I am currently using and how I am feeling about it as I go through.There were a lot of good products this week. Most have been in the line up a while and will soon be changed out or used up, but there were a few shakeups. There will be a new edition starting this afternoon. I am trying a Peter Thomas Roth Mask out for Face Mask Friday today and if it goes well it will be used twice a week to see if there are longer term results. But that is for later. Now we need to look at this past week.

The day time line up

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Powder and Cotton Deodorant

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

  • Currently on sale for 40% off (in fact a lot of items are on sale right now if you are interested in the brand or Korean Skincare in general)

Serum: Whal Myung Anti-Oxidant Rejuvenating Serum

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (product gifted by Influenster)

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Okay so let’s just go down the line.  While the Native Deodorant is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant I am still using it this summer.  I thought about picking up an antiperspirant (and I did) for when I go out some place where sweat marks would be a really bad thing.  However in the past few weeks I haven’t gone anywhere that it was an issue.  The few places where I might go and not want to show sweat were so heavily air-conditioned that I actually had to bring a cardigan to keep from shivering. So even though I have an antiperspirant waiting in the wings, I have yet to actually break it out. The Native has worked thus far.

I like the clean of the Korres Foaming cream cleanser.  It smells fresh and feels clean without stripping the skin.  It goes on like a cream so it isn’t drippy until I add water and rub.  Then it foams up to wash the dirt away. It has a slight scent if you put your nose up to the open lid that might be a bit dairy-esque because of the yoghurt but once on the skin it just smells fresh and clean and the scent just washes down the drain.

I did a full review of the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence (which you can find here).  It is a great product and one that I will repurchase once it runs out.  It is especially lovely in the summer time as it works to soothe skin that has spent too much time in the sun.  It is a large bottle so it will be with me for quite some time. Very little product is needed, so it lasts which is nice value for the money as well as simply being a great product.

I finished out the Caudalie Vino Perfect serum and rotated a sample from Whal Myung into the line up this week.  One pump is all that is needed to cover the face and neck.  It feels very wet when it applies but absorbs relatively quickly.  There is a slightly perfume scent to it that tends to linger.  It isn’t unpleasant but I haven’t decided how I actually feel about it.  It is also a little sticky after application.  There is anough product for another week of trial so I might have more for you next week on this product.  At the moment I’m a little on the fence about it.

The Elemis Procollagen Eye mask is still working out well for me.  I actually apply the dior serum first and then add the eye mask once it has absorbed (I tend to put the serums on, then brush my teeth, then add the Elemis followed by moisturizer. And then I finish with sunscreen. 

The moisturizer I am using right now is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer.  (Full Review here) I like it and will happily finish out the jar.  There are about two, maybe three weeks left of product in the jar and then I will switch out moisturizers.

The sunscreen will remain.  I’m sure I will try out others but Volition is my go too as it absorbs well and I can just add it to my skin care line up without worrying about clogged pores.

Last week I had a sample of the Crest Pro Health Gum Detoxify.  You might notice in the photo, I went ahead and picked up the full size.  I have a couple of other toothpaste samples to try out, but I have to say I really liked the clean this gave.  My mouth felt fabulous.  So even if I try out other products, I wanted to have a full tube on hand for daily use.

Nighttime Skin Care

Makeup Remover: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (gifted by Influenster)

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple), no lip scrub

Night Mask: Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Overnight repair serum

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Most of the products I used in the day are also used at night.  The two differences are the Wander Beauty Overnight repair concentrate and the Bite Beauty Agave Lip mask.  The Wander Beauty I used three times this past week.  I like having a night mask for nights when I feel I need a little extra moisture for my skin, but I don’t need it every night.  I think if I used it everynight it would be far too much moisture for my skin.  It is a light weight cream that absorbs well and It comes in a beautiful glass pump bottle.  The nozzle is actually shaped well so if you hold your hand under it and press, the cream shoots into your hand instead of dribbling down the side of the lovely glass bottle, which I find nice. 

The Bite Beauty Agave Lip mask I use every night just before I go to sleep and I really like it.  It feels a bit heavy as I drift off to sleep but by the time I weak up the next morning almost all of it has absorbed and my lips feel great.  This is not my first tube of the Bite Beauty lip mask and it certainly won’t be my last.

Crest White Smiles Logo

Using the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha

For those that have been following my Weekly Skincare line up posts, you have seen this Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha in the list of products used for the past month. In addition, it has made frequent appearances in the daily posts, especially when I have spent a little too much time outside.

While this bottle was sent to me by Missha for the purpose of trying it out and reviewing it, by thoughts are my own and quite frankly it has become one of my hero products for the summer.

According to the website this Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence is…

A lightweight essence featuring double-fermented artemisia extract, also known as mugwort extract, to efficiently deliver moisturizing and soothing properties to the skin.
Moisturizing, hydrating, brightening, soothing, and balancing.

Recommended for sensitive/irritated/acne-prone skin types.

How to Use: In the first step of your skincare routine, dampen your cotton pad with essence. Lightly wipe the cotton pad along your skin texture or pour a generous amount onto your palms and gently pat into the skin.

Tip: when your skin is feeling extra sensitive, dampen a couple of cotton pads with essence and place them all over your face for 5-10 minutes as a soothing pack

Ingredients: Water, Dipropylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Propanediol, Artemisia Annua Extract

Okay before we talk about the use and my skin, let’s look at the ingredients. There aren’t that many. First up is water, which isn’t surprising in a skincare ingredient.

According to The Derm Review, Dipropylene glycol is a type of alcohol that is used in cosmetics and skincare products to improve the texture and stability of the formulation. It is mainly used as a solvent, viscosity-decreasing agent, masking agent, and fragrance ingredient. And pretty much every other source I’ve looked into said the same (The Derm Stor just had a very readable article on it if you’d like to read it, which is why I linked it.)

One shake dispenses a small amount of product

1,2-Hexanediol is a preservative that basically keeps the essence from spoiling before you can actually use it. And Propanediol increases humectancy and improves effectiveness of the actual essence. Which is a long way of saying it helps your skin absorb more of the Artemisia Annua Extract.

And Artemisia Annua Extract is the final ingredient in the mix. The few things joining it in the bottle are mostly to keep it from spoiling, absorb better into your skin and in the case of water, help it hydrate better.

But what is Artemisia Annua Extract?

Well it’s less fancy name is Mugwort. And while interesting in a Harry Potter type scenario, I’m pretty sure putting Mugwort essence on a product is probably not a good marketing tool. Prior to this I had used Artemisia before. It is a very big ingredient in several products from FaceTory. They have masks, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers all featuring it. I’ve used the masks before and liked them. Actually after a very bad sunburn I used the pask on my face and it soothed the skin right down. And when I was little it was one of the home remedies my grandmother used. She put mugwort in a jar with rubbing alcohol and used to put it on rashes and mosquito bites to calm the skin down. She’d also rinse off poison ivy spots with it to take away the poison ivy oils as well as calm the skin.

Once I realized Mugwort and Artemisia were the same thing, I was even more enthused to try out this essence. (While my grandmothers. home remedy was good on rashes I don’t recommend applying it to your face in case you are doing any DIY of your own. That much rubbing alcohol on your skin isn’t a good thing.)

So what is Mugwort? Mugwort is a weed that is in the same basic family as tarragon and wormwood. Although i wouldn’t recommend putting it in a mushroom omelet or trying to make absinth out of as neither are it’s strong points. It is best used for its skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in a lot of Korean Skincare because it is good for soothing sensitive skin.

Or so it claims.

In general skincare use, an essence is used to open the pores of the face up so that other skincare products could more easily be absorbed. In the past month I have used the Time Revolution by Missha I have noticed that my skincare absorbs more quickly and seems to have more of an impact when I use the Artemisia essence prior to application.

soaked cotton round (just product – pre use on skin)

However all applications are not the same.

In the morning, after cleansing my face, I shake the bottle once over my hand and dispense a small amount of product. I then smooth this over my face, wait for it to be absorbed and then continue on with my skincare regime. In the evenings, especially if I have spent a great deal of time outside, I tend to go heavier on the application and then leave the product to soak in for about ten minutes before returning for the rest of my skin care regime. I find that not only does it allow the essence to absorb completely and sooth any irritated skin, but it still helps my serums absorb better when I do return to the rest of my skin care.

Using the tip that was provided on the site, after an overly long bike ride with out a hat, I needed extra soothing for my skin. I soaked a couple of disposable cotton rounds with the essence, placed the soaked rounds on the high points of my face (cheeks, bridge of nose and chin) and lay down for about fifteen minutes as though it was a mask. As I have used Artemisia masks before I was unsurprised that the inflammation calmed down and my skin felt soothed and hydrated.

While I don’t recommend courting sun damage, when it is accidental and unavoidable, this Time Revolution Esse3nce has been invaluable in helping sooth the after effects of such incidents.

The product has no scent to it whatsoever, even though you sort of expect something named mugwort to have an unpleasant aroma (or at least I do.) It smells like nothing. There is a slight brownish tinge to it when dispensed onto white cotton, but it doesn’t leave any stains on the skin.

It also comes in a lovely glass bottle. The lid is a sturdy brown plastic but the rest of the bottle is amber colored glass that just looks lovely on the skin care shelf (as well as being recyclable glass). I know appearances shouldn’t matter, but I will always have a weakness for pretty glass. And I like the fact that glass can be infinitely recycled. So my superficial pretty has a point to it as well.

As an essence this Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence works well. As a treatment for irritated skin it works well. Not only is this essence going to remain a summer staple, but I may have to look into more products that include Artemisia as well as more products from Missha. Given this essence, this is a brand I want to see more from.

If you are interested in giving this essence a try, Missha currently has it on sale for 40% off. I think you also get an additional discount if you sign up for their newsletter(I believe it is 10%). At full price the Essence is $55 and currently the sale puts it at $33. In one month of use I have only managed to use a finger’s width of product from the bottle. At a guess, there are between ten and eleven finger’s widths worth of product left in the bottle. It has a 12 month time label on the back and I’m guessing it just might take me just under a year to go through the bottle. Which quite honestly, is a pretty good deal.

And in fact it is a deal spread out to the rest of the site as well since currently all of the products on the Missha site are 40% off. If you are looking to try out some Korean skincare, this might be the time to stock up. Personally I see several items I am very interested in trying out. I’ll like the site below for anyone who wants to check them out.

An Ace for Face Mask Friday

Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask

Today I decided that I would use the Aceology Lifting Treatment mask for my Friday Face Mask. It is an new edition to my collection and I feel that as I have been working really hard to clear out some of the older masks, it was time to try for a new one.

This was a new arrival that came in the June IPSY Plus Glam Bag. I’ll admit, I was a little on the fence about it because over all I am not the biggest fan of peel off masks. Often I feel that they are more traumatic than helpful. Don’t get me wrong I have tried one peel off mask that was both traumatic and helpful. The Hey Honey Take Away the Drama Peel off mask was copper colored and left my skin feeling silky smooth with pores so clean it looked like they had been freshly vacuumed by an expert cleaning service. It was also the most painful peel off mask I’ve tried. At least the first few times. By the end of the tube it didn’t hurt that much. I think I had no more fine hairs to rip off. So the pain faded but the fabulous remained.

Dried down mask

Which is part of the deal with a good peel off mask. If you find one that works, you have to sort of commit to using it regularly. If you do the pain sort of fades. At least that has been my experience.

The trick however is finding one that actually works. Many of them don’t do anything more than pull out all of the miniscule facial hairs.

To figure out what category this mask falls into I had to try it. As it has been quite a while since my last peel off mask, I figured this one would hurt. Still I pulled on my big girl pants and took the mask to the bathroom.

The mask is a sort of gold color with a greenish tinge to it. In person it looks a little like copper that is just starting to get that patina of age to it. Surprisingly it smells a little like apples when I put it on. I think I was expecting something more metallic in nature due to the color. The apples sort of threw me for a loop.

The mask applied easily enough, but then the application wasn’t the part I was overly worried about. Generally face masks state you should keep them on about 15 minutes. Peel off masks generally need to be completely dry before you peel them off (hence the name) and I rarely find a peel off mask that dries completely in fifteen minutes. Yet most of them still say that fifteen minutes is the duration of wear. which is why I always get a little squidgy about leaving them on longer, worried I will do damage with keeping it on too long. The Aceology mask suggests twenty to thirty minutes of wear.

peeled off

Its a small thing, but I actually like knowing that if I leave it on my skin that long it shouldn’t be a problem. I also figured half an hour was plenty of time for it to dry completely. I also knew that if I laid down on the bed while wearing the face mask with a lit candle and music playing, I would completely fall asleep. Fifteen minutes is a relaxing mask break. And longer and I am flirting with nap time.

So I used my half hour to look into the mask. According to the website…

The Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask is a peptide-packed spa worthy treatment to polish away dead skin cells for an instant lifting and luminous effect.

The formulation of botanicals reduce inflammation and protect skin whilst peptides boost elasticity; combined with hardy orange, green purslane, purple perilla and asphodeloides root making the Lifting Treatment mask perfect for ageing and lacklustre skin.

Delicately infused hardy orange works to calm skin from the deeper layers for intense clarification, while a dream team of antioxidant rich green purslane and purple perilla lock in the skins natural protective barrier and keep moisture intact. Asphodeloides Root – an Asian botanical, is excellent at stimulating natural bounce and reducing inflammation.

just after removal with one wet spot remaining

I’m not entirely certain what combination of hardy orange, green purslane and purple perilla end up smelling like apples, but the only scent I really got was apples. It was a mild scent that faded rather quickly. I applied the thin layer using one of my silicone mask brushes. (I use one from Cosmedix because i liked the curved corners rather than sharp points). I would recommend using the masking brush, whichever brand you use, as it makes clean up easy and wastes less product.

It did take about thirty minutes to dry. I live in a very humid climate and today the air is heavy with rain and it is hot. I think the humidity level is around 92%. So that could have easily affected drying time. After half an hour though there was only one damp spot on my cheek.

Which meant it was time to face the music. That’s right, peeling masks that go on, have to come off.

To my surprise, this one came off really easily. There was some minor wincing as fine hairs were pulled, but over all it came off with no tears. I was quite impressed by that actually. But how does my skin look?

There were a few slightly red spots when the mask came off, but they faded quickly. My skin felt smooth and oddly enough for a peel off mask, hydrated. I can’t say there was a magical difference but I think if there was some sort of magical difference after only one use I would suspect heavy chemicals at work. I suspect that as with most skincare if I want to see a change in my skin I would have to use the mask repeatedly. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind doing that. The mask was pleasant to wear, not all that painful to remove and my skin feels very nice. While I am not certain yet if it would go on my repeat buys list, it has certainly earned repeated use to see if the skincare benefits of repeated use make it worth a repurchase. I will continue using this mask and hope that there are some long term results that come through. For now, I am pleased to have this in my skincare repertoire.

As it is the fourth of July Weekend there are many sales out there. On that you may want to take advantage of is from Paddywax. while I didn’t like the candles for my fifteen minutes of zen today, I really love PaddyWax candles and use them frequently. Currently they have a sale going on. The  ENTIRE SITE will be 15% off this weekend! Through Sunday, July 4th, the discount will be automatically applied. If you like having candles around, this is definitely a sale to check out.

Alyaka 4th of July

Using the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar

For a little over a month I have been using Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar in my skincare line up. (currently it is on sale on the Skinstore Website, if you are interested in it, they have a massive 4th of July sale going on right now as well for other Skincare related items – I’ll link it below.)

As you can see the jar is simply lovely to look at.  It is heavy glass and feels very luxe in the hand and looks great on the skincare shelf.  I received this product in a Boxy Charm box a while back and when I did I just received the jar.  In looking at the site page for the product, it shows that the company does include a spoon/utensil with the product.

While I didn’t receive one with mine, I appropriated a small spoon from the kitchen because this product needs one in order to use.  The consistency of the product is not the sort where you can really dip it out with your fingers. 

In general I don’t like dipping fingers into skincare products because of possible contamination. I like using s clean spoon or spatula to get the product out and then after use I wash the spoon or spatula.  I just find it better than contaminating the whole jar with other serums or cleansers or anything else that may be on my hands at the time.

With this product, the spoon is less optional and more of a necessity.  The consistency is more like marmalade than a cream or a gel and because of the jar shape, were I to use my fingers by the time I used the nectar down to the half way point  in the jar I would have a hard time reaching it.  The mouth of the jar is narrow so a spoon is the way to go. 

That is not a complaint.  I actually like that the jar is shaped in such a way as to protect the product and that its shape and consistency force you to use the spoon rather than forget and use our fingers.

But the jar is hardly the point, as lovely as it is.  So let’s look at the product. According to the website…

A healing ointment-to-serum, quench-it-all hydrator that soothes, nourishes and helps repair the skin’s barrier.  Powered by our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex and a bouquet of earth-sourced botanicals, apply it anywhere your skin needs extra love. Try it as a moisturizing sleep mask—you’ll wake up with skin fit for a queen. NO Parabens, NO Sulfates, NO Phthalates, NO Fragrance, NO Synthetic Dyes

Skin type: dry, combination, sensitive

Skin concerns: dryness, dullness

INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, Propanediol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Water/Aqua, Sodium Acrylates Copolymer, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Caprylyl Glycol, Phospholipids, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Polyglyceryl-10 Stearate, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Silk Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Verbascum Thapsus Flower, Marrubium Vulgare Meristem Cell Culture, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Isosorbide Dicaprylate, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Panthenol, Tulipa Hybrid Meristem Cell Extract, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Lactate, Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol, Butylene Glycol, Rumex Occidentalis Extract, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Tocopherol, Phenethyl Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum, Dextran, Nonapeptide-1


Okay the first thing you need to realize is that no fragrance does not mean that this product does not have a scent. It does.  A rather strong one actually. It is just a natural scent.  It smells a bit like tulips, but to be honest, the scent I get from the nectar is vaguely cinnamon-y. I really like the scent. It smells vaguely desert like without being sweet. There is no accompanying sweet scent that makes the word sticky spring to mind.

As you can see from the ingredients list, there is no cinnamon listed.  There is a lot of good stuff listed as well, like sunflower Seed oil, Silk Amino acids, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. All very good.  There is also a proprietary tulip complex in there that is supposed to help moisturize.  Moisturizing and brightening are this product’s main goals. 

And it does them very well. 

I had an interesting journey with this Nectar though.  The first week I used this Nectar every night and it worked well.  The second week, I found that every night was too much and that I need to drop it to every other night.  By the third week I found that once a week and additionally on nights when I spent too much time out in the sun, was when I needed to use this product.  In the fourth week the trend held steady. 

I think that this is one of those products that is too much moisture for my skin to take on a day to day basis.  I think that when I first started using this product, my skin was just coming out of a dry season and getting used to being in the sun again and so the extra moisture was a fabulous addition.  As my skin recovered I needed less and less of it.  I like this nectar on my skin and found that I had no adverse reactions to any of the ingredients, however I think for me, it is a post sun or once a week mask in the summer time.  I think in the winter I would use it more often, maybe a couple of times a week.

My skin falls into the middle range generally referred to as Normal.  Occasionally I can fall into a Combination category.  What that means for me is that my skincare tends to be seasonal.  I am dry in the winter and oily in the summer and Spring and Autumn can vary by the day. This is very much a dry skin product. 

However, I have found that after too much sun it does work well in my personal recovery pairing.  Lately I have been reaching for the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha to put on my face after too much sun. I’ve found the Artemisia or Mugwort really helps sooth the skin.  After soothing, a little bit of this Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Nectar on top of the absorbed essence really helps with post sun recovery. 

If you have dry skin, I think you would really like the moisturizing effect of this product.  If you have oily skin, you might want to avoid it.  It is defiantly a moisture bomb.  When I use I at night it is the last step of my skin care routine and I have to apply it at least twenty minutes before laying down.  The twenty minutes gives it enough time to at least partially absorb so that it isn’t smearing off all over your pillow.  Some probably will go on the pillow, but if you apply it early it will be more absorbed into your skin than your pillow case.

All in all I did enjoy using the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar, however I think I am going to adjust my usage to a once a week or post sun treatment rather than attempting to use it as part of my daily skin care regimen.  My skin simply doesn’t need that level of moisture.

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Let’s talk First Aid Beauty…

I’ll be honest, I know a lot of people look to First Aid Beauty as one of those Ride or Die Brands. I have Friends who have used them for years, love them and would never consider using anything else. I have tried a few products from them and generally put them in the ‘I’ll use it if it comes in a subscription box, but I won’t go out and buy it.’ The products seemed okay, but easily forgettable.

Until now.

And I have to say, I absolutely love it. For the past month i have been using the Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer from First Aid Beauty. The jar I have is 1.7 fl oz (I think that is a deluxe sample size, but I’m not certain. It might actually be the full size. They have several sizes available on their website.). After about a month of use, I am about half way through the jar.

My skin is in the ultra weird category most brands call Normal. A fact that always amuses me. What it boils down to is that how my skin acts depends more or less on the seasons. I can get away with using the same products in spring and autumn but summer and winter are entirely different. In winter I lean towards dryer skin and in the summer I lean towards oily.

Half gone after a month of use

This moisturizer from First Aid Beauty has the thinner consistency I like with my summer weight moisturizers. I simply couldn’t use this in the winter time. It is slightly thicker than a water cream but not as thick as a gel cream. With oil control products, even in the summer time, I have to be careful because many of them are designed for skin much more oily than I become.

In the product description First Aid Beauty Claims

This oil-free cream instantly mattifies and delivers weightless hydration without clogging pores.

This ultra-light formula provides optimal hydration for oily skin without leaving a greasy after feel. Oil-controlling ingredients deliver a powder soft finish, help minimize the appearance of pores and keep skin shine-free all day.

In the first week, it applied well, absorbed fast and didn’t make me feel greasy. Generally the first week with an oil control product is fine. It is the second week where issues start cropping up. So I kept an eye out. I looked for overly dry spots, flaking and redness. None occurred. I continued using it and after a month, it is still performing well.

It absorbs into the skin but doesn’t overly dry me out. There is no real scent to the skin so if you have issues with fragrances in your skincare you should be fine with this. I have to say that after using this First Aid Beauty Oil Control Moisturizer for a month, it actually meets and eve exceeds everyone if its listed claims. This is one First Aid Beauty Product that is going on my repurchase list. It will only go on my summertime skincare list though. While I do like the hyaluronic acid in the list as well as the oat and licorice root, I only really need oil control products in the summer and this would simply be too lightweight for me to use once the seasons turn. For now though, it works and it works well. I will happily continue using it for a second month thus finishing out the moisturizer. While our summer heat won’t have faded by then, hopefully the moisturizer that follows will prove just as summertime worthy.

For those that enjoy First Aid Beauty Products, the Skinstore has them all on sale right now. In addition they have a program that gives back helping to pay off student loans. As I took quite a long time to pay my own off, that is a cause I am happy to help out with. I’m just glad i now found a product I like enough to reorder so i can. The details are all on the Skinstore website with links to specific products and programs.

4th of July Sale! 25% off sitewide (ft. Dr. Dennis Gross, PCA SKIN & more) with code FOURTH

It’s not just Lemony Fresh…

Over the past year hand and body cream has become an important part of my world. with all the extra hand washing and sanitizing hand cream especially has come into high demand. The interesting thing has been seeing which creams stood up to the challenge.

Some of the hand creams, both expensive and inexpensive, proved to be inadequate to the challenge of fighting the chapped skin that comes with overwashed hands. Others, both expensive and inexpensive, have proven themselves excellent hydrators.

I’ll be honest, before this year, I had a couple of creams that I purchased because they worked really well and a couple that I picked up and kept around because they smelled nice. Now, those tat just smell nice but don’t work no longer get repurchased.

And I pay a little more attention to the lotions that do show up in the house. They no longer just get added to the drawer to be used whenever. I now pay attention.

The one I am currently paying attention to is the Dr. Botanicals Rescue Butter Lemon Scented All-in-One.

Like the Bloom and Blossom All in one I reviewed last week, this Rescue butter makes a case for multi-use application. According to the website…

Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter is a multi-use, high-performance butter which can be used as a moisturiser and treatment. The 96% natural formulation is packed full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins which work together to rejuvenate, renew and invigorate dull and dry skin.

Vegan certified Dr. Botanicals products, are made only of natural ingredients. Never tested on animals, this range embodies our belief in the potent power of botanicals.

Dr. Botanicals

So I tried it.

The first thing that hits you is the scent. It is lemon.

white at first but as it warms up it absorbs in.

Actually that isn’t bold enough of a descriptor. It is LEMON!!!!!! (please add your own jazz hands to truly get the burst on the scene can not be ignored scent that is this Dr. Botanicals Rescue Butter).

It is truly drenching the senses in Lemon scented lemon-osity. The problem is that when lemon is that intense, it almost always smells like furniture polish.

And this does smell like furniture polish.

However, after you apply it, the scent does fade pretty rapidly. The cream is thick. When I first applied it and started to rub it in memories of zinc oxide sunscreen from my childhood crept in and I thought I was just going to be coated with white. This was not the case. It was white when applied but as it warmed to my skin the white faded and I rubbed it into the skin. The cream was quickly absorbed and left no sticky, greasy film or white cast behind.

It was absolutely fantastic on dry skin. My arms and legs loved it. This Rescue butter was especially nice on my legs after I shaved them. It wasn’t intense enough to work well with my feet.

(for my feet, I still turn to my all time fave Soap and Glory Heel Genius – If you have calluses I highly recommend you check them out, a thick layer and let it sit over night and you will be amazed. After a week, fabulosity. I’m not an affiliate or anything but it is the best foot cream I have found for tough calluses.)

But besides the feet it worked well on the rest of my body. In the description i know it says moisturizer and I did try it on part of my face but it is way too heavy for the skin of my face and requires too much rubbing for me to use as a moisturizer. This is a hand and body lotion.

Dr. Botanicals Rescue Butter is a really good hand and body lotion and even with the intense in your face lemon scent, I think I would purchase this in the full size. I will be using the rest of the tube up and adding it to my list of lotions I will repurchase. Dramatically scented or not, It works really well.


The Skincare Line Up: June 24th, 2021

I know, some of you are reading this and thinking, wait it’s not Friday… or is it?  Did I miss a day?  I thought I was getting better at counting those now that quarantine is over. Take a deep breath. You are fine.  It is indeed Thursday.

Friday I will be away from my computer.  There will no posting.  So I am posting the Skincare line up a day early. Mostly because it is my favorite post of the week and I don’t want to miss it.  I really enjoy going through the items I’m using as I use them as well as doing the more in depth individual reviews of singular projects. I hope you enjoy them too.

The Day time Line up

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Powder and Cotton Deodorant

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

  • Currently on sale for 40% off

Serum: Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum eclat Radiance Serum

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (product gifted by Influenster)

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Some of you may notice a few shifts this week.  I haven’t actually gone anywhere except the gym and walking this week so I ended up using my Native Deodorant since the sweat wasn’t an issue.  I am still enjoying the Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser as well.  It is not super foamy but it foams just enough to make me feel like the bubbles are capturing all the dirt and taking it down the drain. With cleansers I always picture the bubbles as sort of a dirt prison where they capture and haul away anything that can damage the skin.  Probably because when I was little that;s how my dad explained that soap worked.

So I always like foamy cleansers and this one foams enough for me.  It also leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped.  Which is probably better than dirt bubble jail.

The Time Revolution essence is turning into one of my favorite elements.  I should probably leave this for the night time section because that is when this essence really shines.  It really helps soothe skin that has spent too much time in the sun. while I use it in the morning before my serum, I use an extra amount at night just to let it sit for ten minutes as a mini-mask that I don’t wash off.  It has actually become part of my nightly rituals.

The Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum is a new edition to the line up.  Last week I rotated in a sample size of the Lancome Serum and finished using it up this past weekend.  I then realized I had several sample sized serums that I might want to go through.  I have used this Caudalie Serum before and I always like it.  It is a creamy serum and absorvbes into the skin quickly.  It never feels heavy or greasy and my skin always looks good when I use it.  It actually pairs really well with the Time Revolution Essence actually.  The two make a great one-two punch for post sun skincare. I think I have enough in this container to use it for another week, possibly two.  I actually have a second slightly smaller tube of the same serum from Caudalie so I am planning to use them back to back and actually get a full thirty days out of the samples (as well as clearing out two samples from my collection).  As I really enjoy the Caudalie Vinoperfect it isn’t a hardship.

The Elemis, First Aid Beauty and Dior are all approaching the thirty day mark of use and will be reviews in full in the next few weeks.  I will continue to use them all for a while to come, because I really enjoyed all three.  I believe the Dior is about half empty while The Elemis looks like ti will last for a really long time given how little I use of it.

I actually finished out my tube of the Volition sunscreen this week…and immediately opened my back up.  And ordered a replacement for my back up. It is just fantastic sunscreen and to be honest it is the first sunscreen I’ve found that I will continue to use on my face and feel comfortable about it.  So I will continue using it.  I will try other products of course, but for now, the Volition is the standard.

The final item on both my day and night time skincare list is the Crest Gum detoxify Toothpaste.  Given that my world is currently dominated by my teeth I thought I’d throw it in.  I think it is a new release from Crest and I have to say I am really loving it.  It is very peppermint-y, which I personally prefer to spearmint.  I actually hate spearmint.  And it makes my entire mouth feel really clean.  I wasn’t sure about adding this in, but I do have several toothpaste sample sizes that I want to try out and while teeth aren’t exactly skin, they are part of the face so I figured this might be a good place to put it and monitor how I feel about it as I work through the tube.

But this brings us up to the night time line up. 

The Night time Line up

Nighttime Skin Care

Makeup Remover: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (gifted by Influenster)

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple), no lip scrub

Retinol: Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line erasing Night Serum

Night Mask: Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar Night Mask

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Most of the night products are either continuing products or products mentioned in the day time line up.  One Item used only at night has been the Elizabeth Ardent Retinol Ceramide Capsules. This little tube of individual capsules came in my June Macy’s box and is designed to be used one capsule every night.  There were seven capsules in the tube.  I have two capsules left and so will clearly only get a week’s worth of use out of them.  A week isn’t enough time to get a full handle on results.  I’ve used it as my serum all week (while using the Caudalie during the day). 

To be honest I am not certain how I feel about them. 

The serum is a clear-ish gel and each capsule has enough product to fully cover both my face and neck. It feels nice on the skin.  I haven’t noticed any line erasing effects, but with just a few days of use I wouldn’t really expect to see a huge change. To be honest the think holding me back from thinking about a full trial is the capsules themselves.  The serum I wouldn’t mind giving a full trial. It feels nice and my skin has had no issues with it.  However I think before I do, I am going to have to look at what those capsules are made of.  If they are something completely biodegradable, then I would have no issues doing a full on test with a full sized version.  If they are plastic and non biodegradable, I feel a little iffy on using a serum that creates so much trash.  I will have to do a little more research before I decide whether or not to put it on the purchase list for a full trial. But with only two capsules, the product I have won’t last long and I wanted to get my thoughts on It down before I dove into capsule research.

So that was my skincare for the week.  As the Elizabeth Arden Sample was a retinol I didn’t use any other retinol products this week. Over all I am continuing on with many really good products that I like using.  I have a few minor break outs, but they are all stress related and slowly clearing up.  My skin otherwise looks pretty good. There are no clogged pores in my problem area under my eyes and even my chin blemishes have cleared up.  Admittedly I didn’t really wear a mask much this week and I hit them hard over the weekend with the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clay Clearing Mask used in a spot treatment so things are settling down.  Over all, no real complaints. Just capsules to investigate.