Weekly Weight: 7 Days no scale

I know, usually this post is topped with a photo of the scale and my weight for the week but I am doing thirty days without stepping on the scale. I made it through my first week and I have to say I am really missing the scale. Not only is it accountability, but it is encouragement.

I kind of miss it.

I know that sounds weird because I don’t actually like the scale. It so often reflects things I don’t want to see that I think of it as an enemy. But it isn’t. It is a tool and in no way a measure of my self worth.

The scale doesn’t go high enough to measure my self worth. It is merely a reflection of effort.

And while I enjoy seeing the results of my efforts in numerical form, I agreed not to get on the scale for a month. In fact, I sent the scale to work worth my baby. He is keeping it safely hidden away from the house for the next month.

Mostly because I didn’t trust myself not to cheat.

I am occasionally weak.

So we are doing the week in review holistically.

This week I went a little bonkers with the weighing of ingredients and calorie counting early in the week. I somehow suspected the weight would sneak on once it thought I could no longer see it. So Monday and Tuesday I was a little crazy, but I can only keep up that level of crazy for so long and I started to loosen up a bit by mid week.

I replaced a bunch of shirts yesterday that can attest to my sweating it out in the sun. I picked up a pack of Hanes T-shirts and placed an order for a couple of more packs to have in readiness. (partially because they were having a sale and partially to extend their use by having a larger number to rotate through).

This morning when I dressed, I put on an oversized tunic shirt and leggings. I felt like I had some how gotten shorter in the night. I hadn’t worn these leggings in a while and as my weight has gone down a bit, they get baggier and by extension longer in the leg with a higher waist. It is a reminder that when I start looking at putting my summer clothes away and taking out my fall and winter ones, I will need to do a bit of a clear out. There will be a large fashion show for one as I not only see what is too worn out to be kept but what needs to be donated because it no longer fits.

It won’t really start to cool down here until Mid October so I am aiming for the clear out at the end of September. Oddly enough right after my next official weigh in.

Over all I think this week went fairly well. For me I think the issue is going to be one of drift. One of my big deterrents for extra helpings of an extra treat is knowing that I am going to have to get on the scale on Friday and thus admit what I’ve done to the world (or at least those reading this blog).

‘You can have that second slice of pie if you want but you are still going to have to step on the scale on Friday.’

Its now a hollow threat.

The daily posts are helping though. It requires that I list what I do and reminds me to monitor, so I will be keeping those up for the rest of the month. So I will struggle along and keep my fingers crossed that it works as it is supposed to and that there isn’t something i’m missing.

Because honestly, without the scale it sort of feels like I am missing something. But I gave my word so here we are. the end of week one, feeling fine, slightly nervous and cautiously optimistic.

yoga gear

Weekly Weight: August 21st, 2020

I know many of you are looking at the title and thinking, the date is not a weight, what gives? Well this week I had a series of conversations with a younger family member.

While I am losing weight so that my weight does not increase to the point where it crumbles my knees and joints south, as well as cause me all manner of health problems later on (I am after all over 200 lbs and stand at five foot four inches with a pretty delicate set of bones), she is dealing with a bit of an eating disorder.

One of the primary topics for this week’s series of discussions was the scale. On my weight loss journey I consider the scale a tool. It helps me with weekly accountability and occasionally mid week I will step on it as well if I am trying to motivate myself into doing something active to burn my calories for the day when I really just want to curl up with a book. I also keep my end weight flexible, choosing a number mostly because it was in range, pleasing to type and was half of my weight at the time giving me a nifty goal I didn’t have to think too much about.

She considers the scale an enemy and the therapist she is working with is (thankfully) convincing her that it is how a body feels and not the number that is important.

I agree with that assessment and want to encourage that.

Without the teenage eye rolling at adult hypocrisy.

So I am lending my support and essentially putting my money where my mouth is. Or at least my scale. For the next thirty days I will not be getting on the scale. I will monitor my caloric intake and I will note my exercises and workouts, but I will not be recording my weight again until Friday September 25th.

I will still post each Friday and talk about my workouts and how they are going. I will talk more about what I’m eating, because I will be monitoring it more closely, but until Friday the 25th of September, no scale.

I’ll be honest, I find it somewhat terrifying.

I deal with terrifying, by corralling details. At the beginning of the week I posted a general outline of my fitness plan for the week. I missed two days of Youtube video workouts this week because I either do them first thing in the morning or I never get around to them and there were two days I hit the snooze alarm a few too many times to allow a morning workout. Otherwise I did fairly well in keeping to my plan. The lengths and times of my walks varied mostly due to weather and I’ll confess I didn’t keep a terribly good track of the length, thinking that the scale would just show the effort and I wouldn’t need to record the details.

This was sloppy.

So what I am going to try is to post a short daily (weekday) log of my activities for the day at the end of each day. I figure if I have to write something down I will at least hold myself accountable to recording what it is that I do. Hopefully this will work and if not then Friday I’ll try to figure something else out.

But fingers crossed that this will work, cause it was one of my few plausible ideas.

You know I didn’t think that losing the scale for a month would feel so worrisome. It wasn’t until I sat down to write this post that it sort of hit me how big a deal it actually is.

But it is worth it.

Even if I have one month of complete weight loss failure it would still be worth it.

I hope that those of you following along with my weight loss journey understand the temporary rearrangement. Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be a good thing. Let me know if there is something you’d like to see recorded or shared during these thirty days. If nothing else it should prove to be an interesting experiment and a determination if the scale is a crutch of a tool. Either way, next week will feature daily workout logs and the Friday Weekly weight will be a bit of a round up an an assessment of how I am feeling. I’d appreciate any thoughts you feel like sharing.

Weekly Weight: 202.8 lbs

August 14th, 2020

This week felt really good. I was able to get back to a more normal footing, so to speak. Not all my exercise involved my ProsourceFit arm weights. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, and I still did the arm movements when at my desk for a little extra movement, but it was nice to walk again.

And the weather sort of cooperated. It was a little cooler, although more humid and prone to afternoon showers. But I managed to get my slow and steady walks in during the cooler mornings when the sun hadn’t turned the air’s moisture into a complete misery. And my ankle didn’t balk once.

The trick for me is going to remember to keep up my food diary. I noticed that as I started walking more again, I started to forget to write things down. If I’ve realized anything on my enforced slow down of the past couple of weeks its that I need to do both. I need to watch my caloric input as well as my output if I want to manage my weight loss. I still can’t believe how off track I got by thinking that at this point I knew what I was doing.

So the food scale is out again and the measuring cups have reappeared for more than just baking. Because clearly I need the record. Thinking I was doing the right thing without double checking let all sorts of bad habits creep in, especially since my baby seems to think a pandemic means stockpiling snack foods and then slowly eating them throughout the month before they go bad. Sweets I can avoid, pretzels and dip I have a harder time with. Measuring them and counting the calories helps.

I know it’s not exactly new information. Every person on the planet trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle knows this. I just needed the reminder.

Also I started timing activities this week and I am starting to come up with a set schedule for the upcoming week. In my work life I find I am far more productive if I have a check list where I can just mark things off each day. I figure, why not try that with my exercising. After all when I go to the gym I do a specific number of reps (or time) at each machine moving in a circuit, so why not try it here? I’ll be putting a preliminary test routine together this weekend based on my notes from this week. I don’t know if anyone is interested but I will post my preliminary plan either Sunday or Monday. I’m sure it will be tweaked, but you might find it interesting to see what I set up.

But for now, the stats.

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Weight Last week: 203.8 lbs

Weight this week: 202.8 lbs

Weight loss this week: 1.0 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 43.2 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 79.8 lbs

I know I say this periodically, but take my weight left to lose with a grain of salt. It is an estimation. When I started my diet I asked my doctor for a healthy range for my frame and I found that at that time exactly half of my weight was within that range. So half of my body weight is the number I chose for my goal. I may approach the goal and decide that another number works better for me. I just needed a goal to more or less work towards. When I reach the stage where I feel healthy and look healthy, I will stop losing weight. The scale is a tool to help me reach a healthy weight not a flat out goal.

I feel I needed to say that this week as I had a conversation with someone who seems very obsessed with the numbers the scale reflects. While that may work for some, I personally think it is healthier to just use it as a tool and an estimation rather than to fixate on a number. I just needed the number to represent my goal of a healthy weight. The goal is health not some external ideal.

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Weekly Weight: 203.8 lbs

August 7, 2020

I love when everything works well.  While I still babied my ankle this week, it is almost completely back to normal now.  Next week can see a return to my normal schedule. 

In many ways. 

This week I also spent fighting with graphics and the like in an effort to get my latest book out (Cursed). Now the book is out and I am no longer limping. 

It’s a winner all around.

What I did do was keep an eye on my calories and used my arm weights in my chair.  My shoulders are a little sore, mostly because I went a little crazy with the their dancing once I finally got the book out. 

I’d like to say there was an actual song I was dancing to as it sounds less crazy, but I think I was just combining several different beats with the words “It’s done, it’s done, its finally, finally done.”

Yeah, there is no set tune for that but I do sing it after every book is complete.  Every large project too actually. At some point I might want to get an actual tune for it instead of me and my ProsourceFit making it up as I go along. I really have loved those weights as my ankle healed though. Next week though, its back to the you tube videos.   Although to be honest, there will still be chair dancing with weights.

I’m hoping to keep logging my food in as well.  I’m using the my fitnesspal app for that and I find it really does help me stay on track.  I need to stop guessing my calories and just actually record them.  I think that really is why I sort of plateaued for so long.  So I suppose the twisted ankle was good for something.

I’m still not thanking the bunny rabbits who dug the holes in my yard.

So to the Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 204.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 203.8 lbs

Weight lost this week: 0.6 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 42.2 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 80.8 lbs

And so with that we end another week. I will push on, this time with both feet firmly on the ground and hopefully move back into making diet and exercise work together. I hope you have a fabulous Friday.

yoga gear

Weekly Weight: 204.8 lbs

July 24th, 2020

In case you are wondering, yes that is exactly the weight from last week. But it is official. I found a bit of fluff stuck under the battery. Apparently someone checked the batteries while it was in my baby doll’s office (they were shipping a few things from the archives and needed an extra scale). Anyway the bit of fluff, small though it was, ended up being enough to throw its measurements out of whack when I tried to weigh me last friday.

However this week I had to go to the doctor’s office.

The bunnies got me.

Or at least the holes in the yard got me. I stepped in one and wrenched my ankle. It swelled to the size of a grapefruit so I went and had it checked out just in case. Nothing is broken but appearently in addition to twisting the ankle I bruised the bone (on a rock on the ground next to the bunny hole), which is why it felt like more than just a twisted ankle. So I’ll take it easy this weekend and next week ease into a workout that doesn’t involve too much activity for my right ankle.

It looks like there will be much chair dancing with arm weights in my future. maybe I will put together that work out sound track after all.

It was a crazy week. Our air condition was not up to the temperatures and went kerflooey. It was bearable in the day time in parts of the house with the fans running although I did end up with a more or less ongoing heat headache. Sleeping was the issue as it was hard to stay asleep in the heat.

But the repair man came. We were low on coolant although he couldn’t find a leak so he filled it and we will be monitoring it. We’re hoping for about five more years before we have to replace it.

When the air came back on I wanted to hug the masked repair man. I didn’t, but I wanted to. And last night in the newly chilled house, my baby and I went to bed early and slept like we had been clubbed over the head. It was glorious.

So while heat made my workouts early and rabbits kept the workouts mild I didn’t actually gain any weight. So I’m calling that a win. And the weight is official. I was weighed in at the doctor’s office and when I came home I immediately went to my scale to see the difference between the two and it registered the exact same weight as the doctor’s office. So things are officially calibrated. or as official as I plan to get. I’m sure there is some mathematical equation to determine why my scale should have registered slightly different due to time and distance, but I don’t care. It is close enough for me and as the only thing I really want the scale for is to monitor progress I’m good. Well actually the only thing I want it to do is to let me know when I get under the two hundred pound mark and that my weight starts with a one but I also want to know it isn’t a big fat liar when it does. So I remain happy.

So to the stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0lbs

Last week’s weight: who knows

This week’s weight: 204.8 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 41.2 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 81.8 lbs

I will get there. or in some approximation of there soon. I didn’t think the lockdown would throw me off as badly as it did but it seems like I’ve mostly been holding my own rather than losing. I had a lovely conversation with my doctor about that too when I went to the doctor, so I might have to thank the bunnies. Or at least not chase them with the hose so much. Once my ankle is less tender, I have a plan for a few changes. So we will see how it goes.

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Weekly Weight: 204.8 lbs

July 17th, 2020

I have to say I’m not entirely certain I trust the weight displayed on the scale. I stepped on it first thing this morning and it flashed the weight of 290 lbs at me. While I’ll admit my food may have gotten a little off track this week (there were cupcakes), I did not believe I gained 85 lbs in one week.

So I got off the scale, double checked that I was in fact sans clothing, and not actually carrying an extra weight, and when the scale once again flashed zero at me I stepped back on. This time it told me I weighed 62 lbs.

Just as I didn’t think I gained that much in a week, I didn’t think I lost that much either. A third attempt gave me the 204.8 weight above. As did a fourth and fifth. So either the digital scale had to calibrate now that is returned to the bathroom or something is afoot.

As dealing with anything mechanical before I’ve had my coffee would generally involve the phrase ‘you like I smash with rock?’ I decided to leave it until later for inspection. I’m just going to go with I weigh less than 290 lbs and more than 62 lbs and be satisfied with that.

I won’t be breaking out the stats this week because it feels like cheating.

This week I was not all that good with food. My baby doll had to go into the office this week because he is organizing interns. There are only two of them and they share an apartment with a third who works elsewhere. One of them had a birthday and so I baked cupcakes to send in with him. He took them in but brought them right back as the third roommate apparently worked in an office that was infected with covid and was sent home. Given the living arrangements both interns are now out for two weeks as well. So we had cupcakes.

I was usually good about not eating them during the day but I did find that I tended to eat them after watching the news. So I think I’ve found my stress eating trigger point. There are no more cupcakes so hopefully it will not be an issue. To be honest it would have been smarter not to bake them to share with others, but I really like baking and it was really stress relieving to decorate them.

So I’m just going to take it as a one off because I am not going to have a dozen cupcakes in the house again for a really long time so I enjoyed them while they were here and get back to regular food as time marches forward. I don’t actually regret eating them. I regret shoving them into my mouth while glaring at the television screen, but they were good cupcakes.

And I did extra arm movements with my weights. I really do love my Prosource Fit leg/arm weights. Although I think I might have overdone it yesterday. I did my arm circles and lifts and then I got a song stuck in my head and did a chair dance while singing and waving my arms about in time to the song. I really feel it in my upper arms and shoulders today. There were a lot of over the head movements.

In case you feel like singing and arm weight dancing along, the song was No More Mr. Nice Guy By Alice Cooper.

Singing it through and moving my arms about not only gave me a good exercise but it got the song out of my head.

In case you are wondering, this is why I’m not really allowed to design soundtracks for workout videos. Not that it’s ever really come up. Although I personally like my workout play lists.

Okay well, crazy scale and all that is my weekly weight. I’m not going to do the stats since I don’t know how accurate the scale was or if something cause it to go haywire. I’ll be checking on that later but officially I’m leaving the weight at 205 lbs for another week. With luck I’ll figure out the issue by the end of the day. Wish me luck, and have an excellent Friday.

strength and toning equipment

Weekly Weight: ???

July 10, 2020

I will be the first to admit that I am not what you’d call the brightest person in the world before I’ve had my morning coffee.  My mornings tend to run solely on routine for the first hour or so that I am awake.  It is actually one of the reasons it is so easy to incorporate a morning exercise into my start of the day routine.  Once it is routine, I just keep chugging along.

So when something comes along that is unexpected, it sometimes takes me a moment to process.  I will also add I was especially slow this morning as this week, I did not sleep well. We have one set of neighbors who are not taking the extended togetherness terribly well. I suspect few people on my street had a very restful week without some sort of chemical assistance.

At least it seems to have died down now.

Regardless, this morning when I went into the bathroom to weigh myself, it took me a few minutes to realize the scale wasn’t there. It lives in the small powder room so there aren’t many places for it to hide. I checked them in under five seconds.

It wasn’t there.

My first thought was that we’d been burgled. It soon became apparent that wasn’t the case as nothing else was missing so unless there is a roving band of scale thieves at large in my part of the world I began to suspect theft wasn’t the answer.

Okay first I pictured a roving band of scale thieves and tried to work out the maniacal plot they had involving a large number of scales.

It turns out that my baby doll needed the scale for work for some reason. His office is going back on a staggered schedule. Luckily he works in a building with only two people who have to spend any time in it so they alternate days. I don’t think that the scale plays any role in the alternation of days. I have been promised it’s safe return before next Friday though so I will just live with that.

So for the morning I offer a picture of my floor, showing off my pink and sparkly toes and then go about my day. I have to say my morning feels slightly off balance. I’m hoping more coffee will restore my equilibrium. So no weight today, despite the buckets of sweat over the week. I’m just going to claim that today I am esentially weightless and leave it at that.

Now for coffee, soon, the Make up Bag Post, then later the Friday Face Mask. In between, much writing and defiance of fairytale norms.

But for now, coffee.

Weekly Weight: 205.0 lbs

July 3rd, 2020

This has been a strange week for me.  Quite frankly I am kind of surprise it is only a slight weight gain.  Saturday was my birthday.  There was ice cream cake and champagne.  Also in an attempt to make it into a ‘special’ event, my babydoll managed to pick up most of the things neither of us have been eating in over a year as a celebratory splurge.

I think what we both ended up learning is that we literally can’t eat like we used to. We tried though.  For a day.  I had my spa day early in the day and then we splurged throughout the day with assorted goodies. Then after a day of birthday video chats, we opened the champagne and watched Svengoolie.

It was a Harryhousen film. The Seventh voyage of Sinbad.  Let’s hear it for early Claymation.

Sunday we both felt the effects of the food.  It was quite something. I think we both drank water in buckets trying to sort of flood out the richness. Admittedly, the remaining cake lasted all week, but we had small portions for desert after dinner rather than paring it with an over the top meal.

This was also the first week of my participation in the Chloe Ting 28 day shred. I started bright and early Monday morning.  It went well.  I did the low impact section and there were exercises I just couldn’t do, but not as many as I feared. I finished my first workout, showered and got to work.  I’ve noticed that if I do these workouts first thing in the morning I don’t have time to talk myself out of them.

Trickery is how I convince myself to work out.

Trust me, it isn’t a love of endorphins.

About two hours after I started work I got up from my chair and really felt the work out in the tops of my upper thighs. The next morning I woke up sore all over, but I pushed through and the workout loosened me up a bit.  By the end of the day though I found out that I did have muscles in my rear end because fat simply doesn’t hurt like that. 

I feared the next morning, but it honestly wasn’t that bad.

The really bad part was this morning.  On her system there are two days built into the week that are active rest days.  That means I do stuff, but I don’t do a Chloe Ting workout.  Which was fine, my muscles needed a break. This week Thursday was an ‘Active Rest’ day. But this morning, knowing I had to get back to it and start in on the work out first thing made me hit the snooze button a few extra times. I think for me, it is going to consistently be the day after a break day that is the hardest for me.

I think it is because I am anticipating the pain of the first day.

But I made it through my first week.  and currently my muscles appear to have forgiven me. They aren’t usd to it, but the arguments for abandoning the program have died down to a low comlaining and not an active revolt.

And while the scale is heavier than last week, I know the workouts aren’t to blame and to be honest, my clothes feel looser. I’m not taking measurements until the end of the month, but they really feel a little looser.  I did take measurements at the start and will post them along with my measurements at the end.  I just want to share some thoughts each week as I go through.  Also knowing that I am posting comments about it keeps me doing the actual exercises.  I need that sort of accountability.

So I finished a year and started a new one as well as started a new challenge. In addition, my phone company sent me an e-mail saying my phone was now officially too old for them to support any more so I had to come in and upgrade. I knew I needed to upgrade as my phone was 15 years old, but I resent the ultimatum.

So now I have an LG Stylo 6.  It is HUGE compared to my old phone and this weekend I need to find a case for it so I don’t destroy it in less than a week. Buying a phone wasn’t in my plans for the week, but it needed to be done.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who got the cell phone ultimatum because there were a lot of folks with me.  All disgruntled, but all keeping their space.  I do have the distinction of being the oldest phone they upgraded that day.  All the sales reps gathered around as though it was a school field trip and I the traveling museum exhibit.

Gather round children and see how ancient man communicated.

Fun stuff.

It also blew a four hour hole through my schedule so I’ve been racing to catch up ever since.  This weekend I plan to get a cell phone case and catch my breath. But first, the stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 204.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 205.0 lbs

Change this week: +0.2 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 41.0 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 82.0 lbs

And now it is on with the day!

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Weekly Weight: 204.6 lbs

June 26th, 2020

Good morning everyone, it’s time for the weekly weigh in. This week I am pleased to see the scale once again moving in a downward direction. That makes me happy. I have noticed though that my weight loss is very weather dependent at the moment.

This week we had a cold front blow in. Although personally I think calling it a cold front requires a stretch of the imagination. We had a not quite as hot week with plenty of cloud cover in the sky even though somewhere else got the promised rain and we were stuck with the skin melting humidity. That would be more accurate.

At least they say sweat is a good way to flush out the pores.

If so then standing in the yard for ten minutes would have given everyone in my neighborhood a good skin cleanse.

But with the slightly cooler temps I walked more, walking more, burns calories and the scale once again started moving. I think that more than anything convinced me I need more of a structured indoor exercise plan. While I’ve been doing some weights and yoga, mostly it is on days when I didn’t feel like facing the heat. Since the early spring rains stopped, I’ve taken every opportunity to be outside that I can, mostly either walking on the nearly abandoned walking trail near my house or in the back garden. So it has been haphazard at best. Since June is the coolest summer month in my area with July being punishing and August absolutely brutal establishing an indoor schedule is essential.

Some friends mentioned two Chloe Ting challenges (one for two weeks and one for 28 days). I looked into it and they both looked interesting. I just wanted to wait until after my birthday to start. Mostly because I have no intention of exercising on my birthday and didn’t want to feel guilty about skipping a scheduled workout for ice cream cake and champagne.

I know, odd combination, but I’m the one who bakes so we get ice cream cake from this fantastic place in town each year for my birthday so I don’t have to make my own cake. (and because it is delicious.) And the Champagne is of course standard. Its how you know there is a celebration.At least in my family. we were never big on fireworks, but we always had the champagne. Admittedly, I think this is why we were so often invited to celebrations, especially since one of my grandfathers was a pastry chef.

Baked goods and champagne. That’s our covered dish sorted.

Seriously, I just wanted to start a new routine after my birthday. I figured I’ve got my celebration and at home spa day this weekend as well so I can start fresh on Monday as we edge into the heat of July. Even though I don’t really like exercise or weight loss challenges as I prefer my slow and steady routine, I like the idea of getting into the habit of getting up a little earlier to do a short workout everyday and I think this will be good for that. I am not expecting to lose massive inches and weight in two to four weeks. It is the routine of the challenge I want. I will of course take notes and report back in as I go, in case any of you are curious about this viral workout everyone seems to be talking about (at least everyone I know).

But that is for later. Today the last of my items needed for my spa weekend arrive. I thought I ordered early enough but they were delayed twice. But I checked and they are currently out for delivery. So the at home spa day will commence. Alos out for delivery, my soda stream canisters.

Oh yes, they were back in stock and soon, soooon my water will bubble with carbonation again. I didn’t realize how much easier carbonation made it to drink large quantities of water. While I have been reveling in my stash of Blackberry Hint Water (again sorry for taking it all) I really miss my Soda Stream Carbonation. But now just as the last of the air went out of our last tank, new tanks arrive.

Okay before I start waxing poetical about carbonation and water, although it might be too late for that, I’m returning to the stats. So… To the stats, batman!

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Weight last week: 205.4 lbs

Weight this week: 204.6 lbs

Weight lost this week: 0.8 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 41.4 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx) 81.6 lbs

Okay, well that is my check in for the week, along with rambling about cake, heat and water. I’m in for a heavy friday of writing and attempting to fill a plot gap the size of the grand canyon. I have an idea, I just hope it will stretch that far. Wish me luck. And I wish you luck in return for whatever you’ve got brewing on this hot and sunny friday.

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Weekly Weight: 205.4 lbs

June 19, 2020

Technically I should be a little bothered by the 0.4 gain this week, but to be honest, I’m not that worried about it. While I still really, really want my weight to go down, this morning had a mitigating factor. As an early birthday present I received a very nice kimono style robe. I know my birthday isn’t until the 27th, but I’ve been wearing it anyway.

while it is lovely, it has also sort of illuminated the fact that several pairs of my pajama pants are no longer looking all that fabulous. It’s a simple equation really. I tend to wear the pants to lounge around the house. There has been much more house lounging in the past few months, thus my pajama pants have been taking a beating.

So may baby doll had to go out and decided to stop by target and picked up a new pair for me in what he thought was a good size. They fit well (although I still need to order a few more replacements.). However while I washed them and wore them to bed last night, I somehow didn’t check the size until this morning.

Personally I was just grateful they fit. At the moment everything in my wardrobe is either just a little too tight or a little too loose. This may be the only thing that actually fits just right at the moment. It is also a size down from the size I usually wear. I know pajama pants have a wider variance, but I am taking it as a win. They are a size down and I am happy. The scale can not bum me out after that. Next week, it may concern me. But not today.

I am a little concerned about the recent CO2 shortage that has caused my soda stream canisters to be hard to replace. Seriously, check out this chain of events. Apparently commercially produced CO2 used for beverages is somehow tied in with the processes that refine fuel for driving. I’m not entirely certain how, but I will be looking it up later. But with people driving less, those processes aren’t being used as much thus creating a shortage of CO2 which is why all the targets near me are out of Soda Stream canisters and they are on back order from the site.

So I can’t trick myself into drinking more water through bubbles. So I switched to flavor. I stocked up on my favorite Hint water. And by favorite I mean its all the Blackberry flavor. Yup, a palette of hint water in the laundry room. All Blackberry. So to anyone who now feels there is a shortage of Hint Blackberry in my area, there isn’t, I just took it all. Sorry. I’ll try to look into other flavors next time. I just really like the blackberry. Plus I was starting to not drink as much water since I was being miserly with my last CO2 tank because I didn’t want it to run out and needed a jolt back into water drinking.

So now that I have tackled one shortage by creating another localized one, to the stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 205.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 205.4 lbs

Change this week: +0.4 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 40.6 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 82.4 lbs

So there you have it, a slight weight gain but nothing to really be troubled by, a smaller size of pajama pants, a shortage of CO2 and a hoarding of Blackberry flavored water. Along with massive amounts of editing, that was pretty much my week in a nut shell. All in all, not a bad week. Amusing to see in review, but not bad. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings. Happy Friday everyone!

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