Weekly Weight: 211.8 lbs

Good morning my darlings. It’s time again for the weekly weigh in. well, the good news is that the scale didn’t say 212 this morning. And it is less than 212 so that is progress. A loss is better than a gain, so I am okay with that. However I realized something this week.

I realized that while I intend to keep up with my exercising, for the next month there will be so many interruptions to my meal planning that weekly weigh ins may actually do more harm than good. Since I am going to be out of town next Friday, I was planning to take off next week’s weigh in. I think however I may not weigh myself until New Years.

I know, there is the fear that not routinely weighing myself for the next few weeks is going to help me get off track and let me pack on the pounds. I am aware that the scale is a tool that helps me focus on losing the weight.

However I think that with no meal plan and lots of once a year foods coming up on the menu, a focused monitoring may actually drive me crazy. I think it might actually cause me to add angst to my holiday season and to possibly add weight through stress and stress eating. I am still monitoring what I eat, controlling my portion size, even if I can’t control meal time and menu options.

While I talk about the items I plan to purchase during the sales, I think this holiday season the gift I am really going to give myself is the gift of kindness. Getting on the scale when I know things are not in my control, is not kind. In fact it is downright mean.

I know there is the possibility that even with my monitoring and workouts I may gain a few pounds over the holidays.

But you know what? That’s okay.I don’t want to gain weight., I still want to lose it, and I will still be working out. But if i don’t lose anything between now and January first, I am okay with that. If I gain a few pounds between now and January first, I will be okay with that.

Okay I won’t be happy about it, but i am not going to beat myself up about it. I’ll just get back into menu planning, regular meals and take the weight off. Slowly and steadily as I have been doing up to this point.

During the holiday season I run around trying to make everything perfect. I pick out gifts that I know people will like and try to make certain everyone has as happy a holiday as possible. Often I forget that I need to be happy too. So I am giving myself the gift of kindness and while I will still post each friday about my efforts to stay on track and continue my workouts during the holidays, I will be skipping the weigh in until the beginning of the new year.

A few weeks of not monitoring my weight won’t kill me and who knows, it may just end up being the best present ever.

The stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 212.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 211.8 lbs

Lost this week: 0.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 34.2 lbs

And so with this morning’s weigh in recorded,. I will be stepping away from the scale for a few weeks. I am happy that at least I am stepping away at a loss. Admittedly it isn’t much of a loss, but it is still a loss. I’m good with that. And as nervous as I am about not stepping on the scale each week, there is a part of me that is looking at all of the upcoming gatherings and is relieved that I have taken that pressure off. I think the relief means that this is a very good decision right now, regardless of the outcome.

Whatever you are doing this holiday season, what ever your plans and goals I hope that you too recognize that everynow and again you need to treat yourself with a little bit of the kindness that I know you show to others.

Weekly Weight: 212.0 lbs

I am beginning to notice a trend here. It may be too early to tell, but it seems that my scale has decided that a number isn’t worth giving if you can’t give it two weeks in a row. Last week, my weight was 212 as well. The two weeks prior it was 213.

If the next two weeks end up being 211 then there will definitely be some sort of spooky trend going on.

Not that I’m actually complaining. The weight is going down. Not as fast as I would like, but then when does it ever. At this time of year, I am pretty happy as long as it isn’t a gain.

And honestly, expecting a loss today would be a bit of a surprise. While I put in a great deal of effort this week in the walking and such, yesterday was the retail Battle Royale.

eMy babydoll and I took the last of our holiday shopping lists to the stores and took advantage of as many veteran’s day sales as possible. I think we actually managed to knock out the last of our gift list actually. I’m sure there will be a last minute ‘I can’t believe we forgot…’ foray, but at the moment all the names have been checked off the list. Soon we will start filtering them into the postal system, but that is a next week sort of project. And a lot of our list was orderd on line and has already arrived and been sent on. So we are actually pretty good on that score.

I think we ended up with a couple of extra items when we went shopping as well. I know my babydoll picked up something and then had to engage in a battle of wills with an older woman who decided she wanted the item as well. I’m not certain if he bought it because it was on the list or because he picked it up to look at and reached his breaking point when the woman came at him. I was on the other side of the store and only witnessed it from afar. At that point he was pretty much done with shopping so it could be either.

At that point we just went through the checkout line and called it a day.

We also called it a good day for barbeque. I’ll admit, I over ate. In fact i woke up still feeling fairly full so I was just happy that I didn’t actually gain anything. So perhaps the scale staying the same this week is my own fault and not part of a larger trend. we shall have to wait for next week to find out.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 212.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 212.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 34.0 lbs

And so into Friday we go, tra, la, la la, la. I can say that despite being Friday and our usual larger meal, I think that due to yesterday’s barbeque feast, tonight might be a lighter meal.

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Weekly Weight: 212.0 lbs

Good morning my darlings and welcome to the end of another week. This week was mostly sunny with yesterday’s walks called on account of rain. Also at the beginning of the week I didn’t realize how often I was stopping by the candy bowl. I think a lot of my calories came from fun sized snickers this week.

But they have been put away now and I will hopefully lower my sugar intake by forgetting they are there. All in all I am very happy with this week’s loss. I’m happy that the scale keeps moving in the direction I want it to. I am trying to to get too obsessed with it before the upcoming holiday season. I know I say that every year, but then we pass Halloween and planning for the Thanksgiving feast starts and then I start making deals with myself.

‘well you know you are going to eat that sweet potato pie, so maybe you won’t feel so bad if you work a little harder before hand to help balance it out.’

I know that isn’t how that works. You can’t burn calories now so that three weeks down the road you can indulge with no consequences. Even if I by some miracle lost 20 lbs before thanksgiving (which won’t happen without medical intervention) then when I got on the scale after Thanksgiving and gained back a pound I would think ‘I gained weight’.

Weight loss now may put me in a better place afterwards, but I can’t stockpile calorie burning. I know that, you know that, everyone knows that. And yet each year, I have the same conversation with myself. And once I’ve annoyed myself with the same old runaround I sit down and remind myself that celebrations are part of life and that it is fine to enjoy them. And that I am only eating one piece of pie, not the entire thing.

We’re edging into the year where the goal, between the family feasting and friend’s parties, is to use my calorie burning activity to maintain my weight instead of gaining. Oddly enough, that takes off a lot of the pressure. Thanksgiving is generally the food kick off so until then I know I am going to keep chipping away at my weight without making myself crazy and then after that I will be fine with maintaining my same weight until New Year’s Eve.

Of course New Year’s day I’ll get on the scale and sigh, vow to eat more salads and go back to chipping away at my weight. It is the annual system.

I know for many of you that sounds a bit tiresome. For those of you who are trying to lose weight and are feeling anxious about the food this holiday season just remember these few tips.

  • At heavy meals, watch your portion sizes. You may suspect Great-Grandmother’s dressing recipe can put meat on your bones just by looking at it from across the room, but if you love it and try to avoid it, there is a good chance you will remember that it is only made once a year and then raid the fridge consuming far more of the leftovers than you would have if you just had a little portion at dinner.
  • If there are plates of nibbles out around a gathering, take a minute and look at what is out. Are there things like potato chips or chocolate kisses that you can get at any time of year? Maybe give them a pass. Instead pick a few of the things that are only around once a year or that your host made especially for this party, pick three or four at most and then put one of each on a plate. Don’t graze from the platter and don’t refill your plate. If a plate is not available, take one item and then step away from the platter.
  • Remember that there is more to life than your waist line. Enjoy spending time with family and friends. If you happen to over indulge, chalk it up to once a year madness and don’t beat yourself up about it.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 213.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 212.0 lbs

Lost this week: 1.0 lbs

Lost over all: 34.0 lbs

Over all as this holiday season gets underway remember to give yourself the gift of kindness this year. That’s usually the one most of us forget to pick up.

Weekly Weight: 213.0 lbs

Good morning my darlings. I know some of you are looking at the scale at the top of this post and are thinking, That seems to be the same number as last week, I wonder if Mimsy is disappointed? Actually I’m not.

First of all I am sort of reevaluating things. I am using a step tracker to count steps at the moment and instead of estimating my calories, I am keeping a detailed log and even scanning bar codes where available. I’m finding a lot of my estimations were a bit off. So I’m correcting that. I still want my weight to go down, but at the moment I am pleased that it hasn’t gone up during the adjustment.

The second reason I am not worried about my weight staying the same this week is that I am at my heaviest time of month. I always gain a bit of water weight around my period so this leads me to believe that I might be temporarily heavy. It is consistently a one to two pound gain at this time of month and has been since my teens.

And yet today my weight didn’t go up.

So there may not be a happy dance, but there is cautious optimism.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 213.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 213.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.0 lbs

Total loss thus far: 33 lbs

I know it isn’t the most exciting weight loss records. There are no dramatic numbers and weight drops, but quite honestly I don’t like the thought of rapid weight loss. First of all rapid weight loss makes me think deadly illness not fitness regime. And second I think if I lost all of the weight quickly and easily I wouldn’t value the loss as much and I would let it creep back up again thinking I could easily lose it again if I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could wave a magic wand, I would. I would love to have this excess weight off of my bones, if only to spare my knees the effort of carrying it around. But chipping away at it like I am means I value every single little chip of weight that leaves me. It is sweat and effort in every decimal point of weight. In addition, it takes time, which is kind of what I need. As I am progressing on this journey, I am working to build healthier habits.

There are no foods that are completely banned and demonized. I have not shunned bread or sugar or fat. I have very much lowered the amounts I consume, but not completely banned them. Partially because banning them would make me crave them more and partially because I think it is of more value for me to learn to balance things without banning them.

Should I gorge on cookies and cake? Of course not. But a cookie every now and then won’t kill me and having a slice of cake at a birthday party isn’t the end of the world. I want to be able to enjoy treats that might come my way without feeling guilty for enjoying them or without losing all self-control and emptying the cookie jar into my belly in one sitting.

In essence, I am learning moderation.

Overall it is working well. And I think in the end it will be better for me than any crash diet ever could be. Does it mean I won’t be tempted by food fads? Of course not, but at least I am building sensible eating habits to fall back on.

I know that was a long way to go to say I am okay with my weight staying the same this week. But there we go. Welcome to Friday, my darlings. I hope yours is fantastic.

Weekly Weight: 213.0 Lbs

The Scale: October 22nd, 2021

Good morning my darlings. Once again the sun is not sunny. But we can still have some good fun that is funny. I am personally tickled that this morning saw a loss on the scale. I know I put in the effort in the early part of the week, but yesterday quite frankly I felt like a blob.

I did a morning Yoga Video just as I did this morning, but the rest of the day was more or less sitting at my desk working. There was little activity. The fitbit kept buzzing and sending me messages about how I really needed to get up and walk, yet there was no where to walk. So I felt a little guilty. I may have to figure out how to turn off those messages.

I do not find them to be helpful.

Merely guilt inducing.

Which I suppose could be useful if it wasn’t pouring down buckets outside. Guilt with no remediation is not useful. It kept sending me the message: Don’t you want to take me for a walk? throughout the day yesterday. I wasn’t certain if it was going to piddle on the floor like a puppy or break up with me. This weekend I am going to figure out a way to turn those messages off. There has to be a rainy day setting somewhere.

But despite the guilt there was some loss this week.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246. 0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 213.8 lbs

This week’s Weight: 213.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.8 lbs

Lost thus far: 33 lbs

It might not be the biggest loss this week, but I am happy with it. This week I mostly stuck with the exercises that I have been doing, substituting the same You Tube Videos that I usually use on bad weather days so that I can get a good basic idea of where my measurements lie on the official charts. Tonight I am going to look at them and see where I can make some improvements or if I even need to make improvements. I suspect this week’s down fall will be two full days of no real walking. Which is easy to correct if it doesn’t rain next week. However even the rainy days are useful as it will give me a chance to see how I did on my calories when I didn’t get my full work out in.

And what can I say, I love my graphs and charts.

I just have to figure out how to turn off the reminders.

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The Daily: October 20th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I think I mentioned that this week I started using a fitbit to track steps and calories and all sorts of other good stuff. It has been interesting to see thus far. I have to admit I have been a bit lackadaisical about my calorie count as of late. I haven’t been weighing foods as I used to mostly because I thought I knew most of the foods. And I do. I eat a lot of the same foods repeatedly.

And some foods come with weights attached. For example we just received a package from Vital Choice. we routinely order salmon from them. Actually that is what we are having for dinner tonight. I have the salmon sitting in a mustard based marinade in the fridge as we speak. We are having it with couscous, freshly grilled corn (the last of the summer stuff) and a side salad tonight incase anyone is interested. And because we ordered the salmon, it comes marked with the weight. So it is easy to log as a dinner item.

Other things I used to measure, but now sort of eyeball.

I know, I shouldn’t but I do.

And it turns out my eyeballs aren’t that great at measuring.

I know it is a bit dorky, but I love graphs and charts. So I felt with the fitbit I ought to take advantage of that feature and log as much as possible. And since the graphs look way more official than my handy scrap paper on the desk system, I felt compelled to start measuring again. Also I wanted to see how close to accurate I was. I was anticipating a victory lap for my innate measuring skills.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

I logged everything in figuring I might as well measure what I’m doing and then see where I need to improve. It turns out I get way more steps than required so I get stars for achievement there. I also drink more water than they recommend, so I think that is pretty good. It turns out I have been shorting myself on calories. I think in part it is because I drink so much water. Because every time I think I am hungry I have a glass of 3water first and then think about what I want to eat. But I think the big culprit is my tendency to round up. If something has 90 calories, I’ll often mark it down as 100, just incase I over eat a little elsewhere. that way I have a little wiggle room. But then the next time I eat the same food I’ll remember it is 100 calories so I’ll mark down 110 to give myself the wiggle room.

Turns out all of my wiggle room add ons added up. So I was shorting myself on calories. I know, that sounds like a good thing, but if my calories consumed drops below a certain mark my weight loss slows down dramatically. So I am going to go back to strict monitoring , especially as we go into the holiday season. This weekend we are stocking up on Halloween Candy for potential trick or treaters. No clue if we will actually get them, but I want to be prepared. The annual candy purchase is what mentally kicks off the holiday food mentality in my world. As soon as the bags come in, my baby starts asking if I can start making some of his favorite winter dishes. And from there we tip straight into the once a year indulgences.

So getting back to measuring things now is not a bad thing. Nor are the long walks in the nice weather. I am sure once the next bout of rains hit, my step count will drop. For now, I am feeling pretty good about it.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer

Foundation: Purlisse BB Cream

  • currently they are having a BOGO 50% off sale on their masks. Personally I like the Matcha green tea one.

Bronzer: LYS No Limits Matte Bronzer

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Georgia Peach

Eye shadow: Sassy Siennas from Dose of Colors

Mascara: Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

Powder: Smashbox Photo Finish Fresh Setting Powder

Lips: Tarte Maneater Plumping Lip gloss.

Earrings: Mariz Jewelry

Okay with the newer bronzer and blush I wanted to try them out with a BB cream rather than just using them with a foundation. I love the formula of the Purlisse BB Cream. It is one of my favorite BB Creams. The shade I have is just a shade bit too light for me at the moment, which is why I chose the tinted setting powder today. As my tan fades I will be reaching for the Purlisse more and more often. I should actually get another tube in a slightly darker tone, and I probably will this spring, but I want to use up a few products first. Although I might stock up on the black friday sales and just put it away until spring. But for now, I love it.

The Smashbox powder I am mostly just using up at this point. It is a good powder and I like the idea of freshly ground powder, but the dial sticks an if there is anything on my hands then it can be hard to turn. While I don’t have any mobility issues where my hands are concerned at the moment, if you have any issues with your hands, this is a powder you will want to skip. The groves aren’t deep enough to provide much traction. If they adjusted that just a little bit more, it would be easier to turn and this would be a different comment, because it is a good setting powder. However if they deepen the indents it will look less like a camera lens. So in this case it is a failure of packaging more than product.

With the BB cream instead of foundation I could get a better feel for the bronzer. It is more pigmented than I saw yesterday. I have the light shade (Motivate) and it is as dark as I would want to go. yesterday I thought it was more buildable than pigmented. Today, while I’m sure you can build it up to a deeper level, I think it is more pigmented than buildable. I still have most of my summer tan because summer just wouldn’t let go here, but even at my deepest I wouldn’t want anything deeper than this shade. It is a lovely shade though and I really like it. I can also use it year round. I also love the packaging. Thus far it seems to be a good product.

The Georgia blush is also a good product. I love Benefit blushes. This pink shade is light enough that I think I will only be reaching for it when I use something like a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. Because of the shade it takes a lot of work to make it work with an actual foundation. At least for my skin tone. For a light makeup look I will definitely reach for it and I am happy to have it. I just need to pair it with the appropriate face products. If you have really fair skin, this might be a blush for you as it seems to skew towards lighter skin tones.

The Sassy Sienna palette is not one I tend to reach for often. I need to actually sit down and play with it. Thus far every look I try with it comes out more or less the same. I like the idea of the shade range but there really needs to be some sort of contrasting lighter shade in the palette for me. The formula is fantastic though. I love the Dose of Colors Eyeshadow formula. Highly pigmented and easily blendable. I think that might be why it has made it through so many declutters. I have a couple of singles, but not a second palette from the brand so I think it is a reminder that I like it. But really I need to play around wit it and see if I really want to keep it.

The Tarte Mascara is good. It isn’t very dramatic though. Just a good work a day mascara.

The lip plumper is also a good lip gloss. I am actually really liking it at the moment. It has that lip gloss stickiness to it, but it isn’t too bad and I kind of like the plumping tingle. Surprisingly the color works well on me too. And I have to admit I get a childish chuckle from the lip gloss. I generally have to check the bottom of products to remember the shade names. This lip gloss is named Buff. Without my reading glasses on the print is small enough that the f’s look like t’s so each time I look I think it says Butt. Which seems like a strange name for a lip gloss and makes me giggle just a little. Childish I know, but there it is.

And so that is my makeup for today. As well as the realization that I don’t eyeball measure things very accurately and occasionally have a childish sense of humor. But that’s okay. I have a good handle on my work for the day and a nice salmon dinner waiting for me this evening. Overall, it isn’t a bad place to find myself in mid week.

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Weekly Weight: 213.8 lbs

The Scale: October 15th, 2021

Good morning my darlings and welcome to another weekly weigh in. again, slowly but surely I am nibbling away at the weight. It isn’t a massive weight loss I grant you and it isn’t a quick loss either. But you know, I’m kind of happy with that.

I know a part of me wants to drink a magic potion and wake up the next morning at my target healthy weight, or at least somewhere in that range as I don’t actually have a set number. But it just doesn’t work that way. Kind of a bummer and totally not what celeb photos make you think, but it is the reality.

And honestly, if I did have a massive dramatic weight loss I think I would go to my doctor’s office and camp out on his steps until they did tests on everyone of my internal organs. Because that is not right.

the way I figure it, it took me a while to put on all of this extra weigh, so it is going to take me a while to take it off again. As long as I keep working towards a healthier me, I am happy with it.

You may wonder why I feel the need to say that as after all I did have a loss this week and not a gain. I ran into a couple of people I hadn’t seen in a while. I should point out that they aren’t close friends. I know them, but we don’t really hang out, even before the mess that was 2020 occurred. They were just people I know well enough to be polite to in public. After the greetings and how have you beens we split up and a couple of women split off to go in a separate direction and they made a snide comment weight.

Now I should point out it might not have been directed at me. While I have been on an up and down rollercoaster, a couple of the people I was with added a bit more weight in the past year as normal systems changed. But meant for me or not it really got me quite angry. We were in a library so yelling after them was ill advised but I thought about it. Then the librarian looked at me and I let it go.

While I am mentally at a point where those kind of comments just anger me rather than tear me down, the comment really affected one of the other women. This led to a bit of a longer conversation outside than I planned, but it was well worth it.

So I just wanted to take a moment and remind all of you out there that your weight, gain, loss, neither or both are part of your health. And unless you share it with someone, then it is no one else’s business. If you are losing weight for yourself then it is your journey to go on. Take people with you if you want. In a sense these posts are me taking you all along with me and sharing some of the details i pick up that might help you out along your own journey. But don’t let another persons opinions about your path tear you down.

And conversely if you see someone who is working to lose weight, unless invited in to talk to them leave them alone. I’ve had people offer me comments I know that they thought were uplifting and positive but they aren’t always taken the way you intend them.

For example I was on a walk once towards the very beginning of my weight loss plan. I hadn’t lost anything and was still actually trying to convince my bod that the hill on the walking trail wouldn’t actually kill me. For the first month or so I had visions of a Jack and Jill sort of scenario with that hill. Minus Jack of course. However on the first day I managed to make it up to the top of the hill without feeling like I needed to just utterly collapse a sweet old woman on a bicycle stopped to talk to me.

“I just love to see obese people exercising, well done.”

First of all I don’t care how medically accurate the word obese is, you don’t say it to a total stranger. It is the sort of word that gets stuck in a persons head and circles around for far too long. Second what do you say to that?

“I love seeing old ladies on bicycles so i know their knees still work?”

Of course not. Besides I was too stunned to actually reply before she was off on her bike and waving merrily at me as she left. And I know she felt good about offering the comment. I know she thought she was being encouraging. That she did a good thing.

She didn’t.

She made me cry.

When I was feeling good about getting up the hill.

So seriously, unless invited to comment, don’t. You’d think that would just be good manners, but apparently it isn’t. Juet recognize that it isn’t any of your business and let it go. And if you are the recipient of such comments, know that their comments, good of ill, have more to say about the person making them than they do about you.

Okay that was a bit more of a rant than I planned. Essentially it can be summed up as I am happy with my current slow and steady pace. I know, a lont way to go for a simple statement. It’s just that sort of morning.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 214.6 lbs

This week’s Weight: 213.8 lbs

Lost this week: 0.8 lbs

Lost thus far: 32.2 lbs

So there we have it my darlings. I am happy to be making slow and steady progress and annoyed by insensitive comments of others. the annoyance will fade as it is only a minor irritation. I know I am doing what is right for my body and I am on a path to a healthier me. And in the end, that is what really matters.

Weekly Weight: 214.6 lbs

The Scale: October 8th, 2021

Good morning my darlings and welcome to another weekly weigh in. This week, I have lost a little. I am always happy when the numbers go down. This week, I just felt really good. I am extra glad that on a week where I felt good the numbers went down, but really, I just enjoyed feeling good this week.

There were a few days where I had to play catch up due to spending large chunks of last week in the all too brief beauty of the ideal early autumn weather. I’m sure we’ll get a few more days of that, but having a string of them in a row was just too tempting to ignore.

So I spent the early part of the week making up for it. Once back on track, I got a lot done and things just sort of felt like they were clicking along. It just felt like a good week all around. Even wehen I mistimed the weather and ended up drenched and squelching my way back home.

For the record, I really hate the feel of soggy socks on my feet. Like socks so wet that you can feel the grain of every fiber in your socks pressing against your skin kind of wet. Not my favorite thing. Luckily I could peel them off and drop them straight into the washing machine once I made it through the door. So it was short term nasty.

It was also the worst moment of the week, which means over all, I had a very good week. Lets face it, if all you can complain about is ten minutes of soggy socks, its a pretty good week.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 215.2 lbs

This week’s weight: 214.6 lbs

Lost this week: 0.6 lbs

Lost this far: 31.4 lbs

So not the greatest loss on the books, but I feel good, and sometimes that is more important. Today i feel good in my skin and I am satisfied with what I’ve accomplished this week. What a wonderful start to a Friday. I hope yours is starting off just as fantastic.

yoga gear

The Daily: October 5th, 2021

Have you ever had a day where you just sort of fell into your work and time just slipped past without you noticing? That has sort of been today. This morning I nipped out on a walk before the rains came. The park had only small sections where there were deep puddles but otherwise it was clear. I’m pretty sure that is no longer the case.

As I was heading back the skies opened up and I squelched the last half mile. The last low spot I went through soaked my sneakers through and I’m pretty sure is now deep enough to not be passable. So I did get a walk in. I just got soaked in the process.

Then I dried off, changed clothes and jumped into what i was writing. And that has been my day. There was no makeup, no real e-mail and I kind of forgot lunch as well. But the story I’m working on, is fantastic.

The problem is now that I’ve taken a moment to step back and think, I am feeling the missing lunch. I can actually see the box from Tokyo Treat and all of the goodies it contains. I was planning on snacking on one of the items in it today, but I know that there will be no minor snacking. If i open one thing I will just plow through several items. So I am putting it away and going for a bunch of grapes. I figure the act of pulling them off the stem and eating them one by one will make me feel like I am eating many items (hence the reason I didn’t go for the satsuma). Its like the fruit equivalent of potato chips.

I know that sounds a little strange but that is one of the best dieting tips I know. It is definitely better not to skip meals but sometimes life gets away from you. Then it is better to stop and have a snack that feels like much more than what it is and that you can control. A box of tasty treats will just tempt me into trying multiple items. A bunch of grapes feels like a lot of items but doesn’t promote a massive caloric intake. Sometimes management is your best option.

So I am not going to be upset about missing lunch and instead celebrate what I did get done today. I am however going to manage my calories so that I don’t react to dinner like a plague of locusts. Luckily tonight we are doing our own baked potato bar so it is much easier to control. It isn’t a meal where I planned for left over portions to be used later, so that kind of saves me a well.

So no makeup today, just a bit of dieting advice for when you find your day sliding a little off of your planned path. And with that I will leave you with a list of several Elemis sales that you might want to take advantage of. Personally I love Elemis products. I really love Elemis products when I can get them at a discounted price.

And with that I leave you in the hopes that I can fall back into my story and get a few thousand more words down before the day is done.

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Weekly Weight: 213.4 lbs

The Scale: October 1, 2021

Oh my darlings I feel good this morning. The scale is once again on the move and it has dropped. I know, it isn’t too much of a shocker as I saw the excellent weather and spent as much time walking around in it this week as I could.

It through my schedule off something fierce and I will probably have to do a bit of work this weekend to make up for it, but i can’t feel bad. The weather was nice enough that exercising just felt like being out and about enjoying myself rather than something I was forced to do to keep up with my calories in calories out ratio.

Which quite frankly is the perfect way for me to exercise. Doing things I love and enjoying them. Its been a while. With the heat and humidity walking outside has been a bit of a chore this summer. It has also required creative scheduling to avoid giving myself heat stroke.

And even for the short time where going to the gym was fine around here, it still stressed me out more than I think I realized at the time. I try to keep a basic work out diary to jot down a few thoughts about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how I feel about the whole thing. I keep it partially as a record but mostly because while I love seeing the numbers on the scale go down, my weight loss is about how I feel in my own skin so I like to kind of check in on that. Flipping through my notes, nearly all of my gym visits in the safe time of gym usage all contain some element of people monitoring.

Even when I felt good about the effort I was putting in and the results on the scale there was a low grade stress, first as the understandable after effects of quarantine and worsening as Delta took hold.

So it is really nice now that I can really enjoy the time spent walking outside. I think me taking advantage of the good weather will last until there is no more good weather. Hopefully it will continue to show results, and keep me happy.

To the Stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 215.2 lbs

This week’s Weight: 213.4 lbs

Lost this week: 1.8 lbs

Lost over all: 32.6 lbs

So slowly we move forward. And as there is enjoyment in the moving, I really have nothing to complain about. Aren’t those the best days?

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