The Daily: November 12th, 2020

Rainy and cold with a side of broken blister. That’s about my day. However I will say that I am really thankful that I picked up some home gym equipment. i know that sounds strange to say, but I had a lengthy call with my mother last night where she was listing all the things she is thankful for even though everyone couldn’t gather this year.

I think because Veteran’s day is generally when we all start planning the holiday gatherings (who is hosting vs. traveling, who is bringing what food item, who is no longer eating a certain food, either because they are trying a new diet or because a doctor has forbidden it , and so on) that it kind of hit home that there weren’t going to be the typical family gatherings this year.On the plus side I didn’t have to memorize a list of taboo topics.

Those are always interesting pit falls. There are the typical – Just don’t mention the divorce – kinds of warnings but every year there is always something that is just bonkers that gets mentioned. It’s one of those things you don’t really understand as bonkers until someone else points it out, because it is something that always happens. The first time my babydoll and I went to spend a holiday with my family he pointed this out to me.

Last year the bonkers one was – Don’t mention rabbits , I’ll explain later.

I never did get the explanation. I’m sure there is a story behind it, i just never learned what it was. Which is sort of what happens half the time. I’ll ask my Mom about that and she’ll laugh and say. ‘Oh it was just something that happened, best not to bring it up. You didn’t mention it did you?’

And then I swear I didn’t and ask again for an explanation. If no one interrupts, I get one. If someone stops the conversation i never do. I’d think she makes them up, but when pressed there is always an actual explanation. Pinning her down is hard though.

Anyway, no bonkers warnings this year.

Kind of sad about it actually.

But there was the laundry list of what she is thankful for. So the lingo stuck in my head. And on this cold and rainy day where my blistered foot shouldn’t be walking, I am glad for my ankle weights and kettle bells and yoga mats and yoga ball. I knew winter was coming and in the winter we get most of our rain so my walking trail gets flooded for weeks on end. And I am still not going back to the gym. So home gym building it was. I took advantage of the Prosourcefit sale that was on at the time and stocked up for everything I thought I’d need when the weather reached the point where walking became treacherous. New shoes made that day come earlier. Incidentally Prosourcefit is having a sale right now actually Take 15% off sitewide at ProsourceFit + 15% of profits will be donated to Veterans Yoga Project use code VetD15. The products are quality, the prices reasonable and the cause fantastic. So if you are looking to stock up. I’d check them out.

Sadly I have reached the point where I feel twitchy if I don’t do some form of exercise. So it was me in the sun room with the kettlebells today. Which I suppose is better than Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick. At least it got me moving. And tonight we have barbeque. I put country ribs into a crockpot with homemade sauce and let it simmer on low all day. I know it isn’t a substitute for real barbeque, but my baby doll was giving me the ‘we haven’t had a meat heavy meal in a while’ puppy dog eyes. So meat tastic meal tonight. Salad tomorrow. I also had a hearty (but low cal) veg soup for lunch so I am not starving. As good as the scent wafting through the house is I think I can maintain my portion control. Fingers crossed. Because oh my darlings, that crock pot smells really good.

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The Daily: October 13th, 2020

Well I won’t go as far as to call this afternoon sunny, but at least it isn’t raining and the walking path dried up enough that I could actually get a walk in. Yup, the floods receded, leaving scads of dead crawfish and flogs scattered across the walk way. The midges swarmed, the scavengers swooped and I managed to avoid sliding down the hill on my butt as my foot hit a patch of still slick mud.

It was a near thing though.

But I triumphed.

Well I got my walk in anyway.

It is still humid so I returned soaked in my own sweat and smelling vaguely of bad shellfish. Mostly from what the cuffs of my jeans picked up. They (and everything else I was wearing) went straight into the washing machine and i went straight into the shower.

I will say though, it was a nice test for the new deodorant. My stash of Dove powder scented solids finally ran out so I decided to give a new deodorant a try for a while. I tried a natural deodorant from Speak for a while (mostly because it came in my Petit Vour Box) and I really liked it, other than the fact that it came in a can and I had to apply it with my fingers. It performed better than I expected. I know they are planning to have the same product out in a stick form soon and I keep looking out for it, but haven’t seen it yet.

I still had my stash of regular deodorants to get through so I there was no rush. But now I have cleared out my stock pile (there was a two for one sale of two packs around the time the pandemic started causing people to stock up and self isolate so I picked up two two packs) so instead of just replacing as usual, I decided to give the brand Native a try. I picked up the Cucumber and Mint. I wanted to try the seasonal blood orange and clove but it is only available online. If the cucumber and mint turns out okay then I may have to place an order for some backups.

I picked it up last week, but with the rain cancelling most of my walking time it didn’t get a really good workout until today. While the cucumber mint scent fades pretty quickly, when I got back from my walk my underarms were actually less stinky than the rest of my clothes. In a few days, when the scavengers have cleared away the sun aired creek bed smorgasbord I will try again and see how it fares without the external stench to compete with. But so far, so good. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes in case any of you are looking into all natural deodorant. I also saw when at the store they had versions with no plastic as an alternative. so if i do decide this works for me there are plenty of routes to take. which i find fun and fabulous.

Other than the deodorant test it has been pretty quiet. Which is nice. A good solid workday without massive excitement is rather appreciated. i am quite happy to have the most exciting part of the day my deodorant test.I know the quiet won’t last, it never does. So I enjoy it while i can. And I happily got my walk in – fish guts and all. And as a bonus, at least this time, no startled birds dropped any fish on me from above. Once was more than enough for that.

I hope you got whatever sort of day you most needed today as well.

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The Daily: October 8th, 2020

Sleep. Such a beautiful thing. And last night, I managed to find it. So too, apparently did my neighbor. Or if he didn’t then at least his late night driving around the neighborhood was sans radio.

It was bliss.

Actually I was tired enough that I woke up feeling like someone hit me with a brick in the middle of the night. I also woke up in the same position as when I went to sleep, which almost never happens. I think I just conked out.

But I felt a lot better. My walk today did not feel as though my feet were made of lead. Which I consider a bonus for my workouts.

Less appealing was the humidity. The temps may still be low but the humidity went sky high today so I was sweating buckets. I kept telling myself it was good for the skin and that sweating purges toxins. I think I might have tried telling myself I was getting that post exercise glow. That lie didn’t last as I looked in the mirror when I got back to the house. There was no post work out glow. I just looked like a drowned rat.

So I cooled off, took a shower and decided I earned the trip to the drug store to look for replacement e.l.f. foundations. It turned into a bit more of a saga than I anticipated. I struck out at three drug stores and ended up at Target. But I found one of the products I was looking for. I also found out the one I loved has been discontinued. This week I’ll have to see if the new one stacks up against the replacement. They aren’t the same. One was a tinted moisturizer and the other is an acne fighting foundation. The link will take you to it if you want specifics early. I’ll spend some time poking around on the elf site later and see if I missed anything. At the moment elf has free shipping with orders over $15 in case you are looking to shop. I have to say it was really hard not to pick up other products while I was at Target. It is one of my downfalls. I tend to pick up an item when I see it or need it and then when I go onto the site to take advantage of the sales I realize I have already picked up all I wanted. So I’m trying to control the impulse buying and the need for the immediate so that i can just add in my wishlist when I do bulk orders for the holidays. I already know I will be ordering at lest three of the Bite sized palettes this holiday season. Seriously, good eyeshadow for $3, can we say stocking stuffers for thirteen year olds? I think we can.

Its actually amazing. I started adding things up and then I had to call parents to double check my ages because I thought I might have gotten them wrong. There are a surprising number of twelve and thirteen year olds on my list this year. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as everyone starting having kids at the same time. I just didn’t realize that we were entering the land of the teenager.

Fun stuff, and a not to bad day in total. I slept, I walked, I recorded my calories and I am maintaining the stance that I sweated out toxins. I don’t know what those toxins would be but I feel confident I sewated them out. I may not be able to convince myself of the post work out glow thanks to the mirror, but I am sticking with the toxin removal. It makes me feel better about the sweat fest. Now I am off to rehydrate and to finish out the last of my day. Tomorrow morning I am back on the scale and we will see if I managed to take a step forward.

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The Daily: September 3rd, 2020

I know it is a bit early, but I have to actually head across town for a meeting (an actual in person one at that) and I have no idea when I’ll be back near a computer. In person meetings are somewhat amusing. There won’t be more than five of us in the meeting and it will be around the largest conference table. While there is plenty of distancing space it always makes me feel as though I’ve forgotten something. I’m used to either a smaller meeting space or more people in the meeting. In those meetings, I take my bag and notebook. My bag gets put under the table at my feet and the notebook, perhaps joined by a travel coffee mug are on the table. There isn’t room for much else. now because I’ve got so much space to my self I feel as though I’ve forgotten something so I spent the first few minutes with low grade worry as my subconscious runs through lists of what I could possibly have forgotten.

However, meeting aside, today has been a pleasant ordinary day.

After this week it is amazing how good normal feels.

And I would like to take a moment to apologize for the stress filled angst of this week’s posts. Thanks for bearing with me.

This morning I woke early and knowing the humidity would rise and the air quality was just going to be a mess I went on a walk first thing. Before my coffee even.

I know. Pre coffee walks.

Then I had to cool down while my coffee brewed. As I still wanted to do half an hour’s exercise, I utilised the Busy Beauty Showerless wipes, saving my shower until after round two. Those things have been AMAZING to have around this summer. They cool me down, tidy me up until I can get to the shower and they make me and the air around me smell like peppermint.

The peppermint scented me then caffeinated and worked like crazy all morning. Shortly before lunch I did half an hour with the Wii Fit. I mostly concentrated on the step program. While I was not the most coordinated of individuals I managed not to trip over my own feet. After several rounds I indulged myself in a little Wii bowling. I can only really play the Wii bowling by myself as I tend to get laughed at.

When I was little my family went bowling a lot (my grandfather LOVED bowling)and the movements of throwing the ball down the lane are ingrained in me. So I can’t just swing the little controller, I have to move my whole body as if I am actually throwing the ball. It is a good exercise and I do have a rather high score, but as everyone else just wiggles the controller I look kind of silly so I just call it part of my exercise. I actually play as two people when I play alone, one for me throwing with my right hand and the other for me throwing with my left hand so I can exercise both sides evenly. And even though my loved ones laugh, the two highest scores on our system are both mine. That’s right even my left handed bowls better than everyone else. So they can laugh all they want. I get the exercise and the high score.

And then I got the shower, ate lunch and began getting ready for my meeting.

Today I am in a much better frame of mind. I have worked through the calamitous issues and life is getting back to normal. and so with that, I will gather my notebook and head off into the land of the giant conference table. Tonight’s dinner is a spring roll salad with shrimp. Despite the shrimp the salad is mostly two kinds of cabbage (red and Napa). It is one of those meals where my belly will be full and my jaw exhausted from chewing long before I get anywhere near going over my calories. Still there is something about the giant bowl that feels extravagant. Even if the bowl is mostly cabbage. Maybe it’s the shrimp mixing with the bright green of the cilantro and the festive purple-red of the cabbage. Either way, I am still on track with my calories today. As long as I avoid the Danish wielding Administrative Assistant at my meeting, I will be fine.

It feels really good to be fine.

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Workout Waffle: August 17th, 2020

Okay so this is less of a waffle and more of a posting of a plan. During the early part of my weight loss, I depended on routine to help see me through. Part of that routine involved the gym and a set number activities on an established circuit of machines. Barring that, I have been drifting a bit. So I’m establishing a new weekly routine. A checklist if you will. Now I will say that the checklist is deliberately optimistic. I am well aware that it is likely I will not complete all of these activities each day, but I want a checklist that is aspirational. Sure this week I may only have one day where I complete every activity on the list. But the following week, I may have two.

Or I could end up doing them all each day and find out that I need to add more intensity to the system. I’ve been drifting since March and need at least something to keep me focused. So posted below is my list for the week. I’ll check in Friday and let you know how many things I managed to check off and how I actually feel about this checklist after a week.

As a note, the walks and their length tend to be weather dependent. So I may need some substitutions for rain. It is supposed to be dry this week so fingers crossed. I will add replacements if I get rained out.

Checklist: Week of August 17th-21st


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on strength training (hand weights)
  • Long walk in the morning
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on strength training (hand weights)
  • Long walk in the morning
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening

Workout Waffle: July 21st, 2020

My three favorite pieces of at home gym equipment (and the foot pump that makes the yoga ball small space friendly. (and yes. there are technically two yoga mats there)

Morning all, things have been interesting here.  I’ve more or less had to give up my walks outside for a little while. Its not totally unexpected, its just a bit early.  Usually the dog days of August hit and drive everyone inside for sanity’s sake.  I noticed it seemed a lot hotter than I remembered from last year, but looking over my notes I saw that I was still walking until the first week of August last year.  This year that’s a no go as we frequently hit triple digits or sit just under them. I have to say there is something I find oddly disturbing about seeing a digital thermometer read 99 degrees. I’m not entirely sure why, 100 is clearly hotter, but 99 manages to bother me more somehow.

My baby checked the weather data for me and surprise, record highs.  We are actually ten degrees warmer where I live than we usually are at this time of year. 

Because clearly that’s what this year needed, a brain melting heat wave.

After all, it’s not like anything else is going on, right?  

So indoor workouts it is, at least until the heat breaks.  So today I’m going to waffle a bit about my three favorite items in my at home workout tool kit. I should probably mention that my house was built in the late 1940s. While it is quite spacious enough for us, there aren’t buckets of extra space.  As a result I have what I like to think of as a moveable gym. It goes where there happens to be space at the moment.

The first element in this set up is my Yoga mat.  Even if your activities aren’t yoga based, I highly recommend getting one.  The first thing it does is it gives you a designated workout space. So what if you had to shift aside the couch to set up your personal gym?  While that mat is down, it is a designated space and makes it feel somehow more official. 

I know that sounds a little strange, but it really is helpful, even if only psychologically.  The mat temporarily transforms the space.  Plus, it is the same mat each workout regardless if you are in the back bedroom, living room or back porch. Using the same mat each time helps signal your brain (or at least mine) that even if this is where you ate popcorn and watched bad horror movies last night (Evil Dead in case you are wondering), now it is the place where you work out.

In addition the mat is textured to keep your feet from slipping and it keeps you from sweating on the carpet.  Which are things I generally like and find helpful during my workout.

My second piece of equipment is a yoga ball.  There are a lot of workouts you can download that use the yoga ball. It is also easily collapsible when you aren’t using it so you can easily get it out of the way if need be.  If you don’t have an electric air mattress pump hanging around your house, I recommend getting the yoga ball with the foot pump.  They look silly, but they are a life saver. I think most of them come with some sort of pump, but double check before you buy. 

I really like the yoga balls because first off, the exercises done with them tend to be low impact so tender joints like knees are protected. and they are great if you are just getting started on a workout plan. Plus, when you start out a workout sitting on a giant rubber ball, it is hard not to think of it as fun.  And seriously, how often as an adult do you get to bounce around with a giant rubberized ball? In a way that isn’t condemned by society at large?

My third item has to be my leg/arm weights.  The ones I’ve got are from ProsourceFit.  They are a soft material that just feels like a bag of sand and has adjustable Velcro straps so you can move them from your ankles to your wrists.  I have size medium in case you were wondering. 

(And no this is not sponsored, I just really like ProsourceFit. If I can’t pick something up in person I tend to order from them so their name comes up a lot when I talk about my equipment. The products are good quality and they last a really long time.  Plus, they are usually on the ball with shipping.  They tend to sell out of stuff because they seem to have a high turnover rate, although they are really good about restocking if they are out of something just wait a few days and check in and it is usually restocked. At least in my experience.  I’ve been eyeing some Kettle bells for a while now as well as a replacement yoga mat – I have two layered because they are both worn out in places and need to be replaced – so I may be placing a new order soon.)

While these are currently my top three items for an at home workout, I am always willing to try new things, so that may change.  Especially as my walks are down to nil until the heat breaks. I suspect this will mean a bump up in my indoor fitness as well as closer attention to my calorie intake. So that is this week’s workout waffle. 

I’ll link Prosource Fit below in case any of you out there are looking to add to your home gym.  It is an affiliate link so if you click and then buy something from them I may receive a small commission, which goes to support this channel. Even if you don’t click the link, I highly recommend checking them out.  Everything I’ve gotten from them has been quality and reasonably priced. Sometimes getting those to lines to intersect isn’t easy, and with work out gear, quality matters. Stay safe out there, or in there as the case may be.

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The Workout Waffle: July 14th, 2020

Yes, those are my penguin socks paired with the ankle weights.

While I stopped the Weight Loss Survival Tips Posts, I have really missed the weekly waffle about weight loss so I decided to add it back in.  While I like mentioning my workouts in my Friday Weekly Weight post, I feel that is more of just an accountability post to keep me motivated so don’t just throw in the towel mixed in with a post-game recap for the week. That way I feel I’ve done something even if the scale doesn’t move that week (or moves in the wrong direction).

This is just more of a chat really.

So lately, I have been doing some of the Chloe Ting Work outs from YouTube.  I know there seems to be a huge number of people following along with her programs. But they are good programs and they are free, I started doing the 28 day shred and sort of pared it down.  I’ve been starting the mornings with her warm up and one full exercise video and then I’m kind of done. (there are 4-5 videos recommended per day in the shred program).  I was trying to do them, but it was a bit much for me to do them all.

I’ve reached the conclusion that I am not a person who shreds.

I chip away. Like a sculptor.  A curmudgeonly one who can only deal with so much perky before my coffee. And man is she perky.

Yes, I do the workouts before my coffee.  I’ve found if I get up, go to the bathroom and put on workout clothes before I’m actually consciously awake, then I can just go into the workout before I’ve realized it.  Then halfway through, I promise myself buckets of coffee if I complete it without stopping. It’s how I get them over with each morning. (I still walk during the day, which I like, it is just the work out vid I have to tackle while half asleep)

Trickery and bribery folks. It’s a winning combo.

I can’t honestly say I miss the gym, but I will say that I do miss scheduling leaving my desk.  Plus, I did kind of like the machines. They were unnatural, but gave me story ideas for torture devices and provided people watching opportunities.

Although I am pretty sure that’s not supposed to be the point.

While I have been walking a lot lately, when it isn’t hot enough to melt the skin off my bones (yet oddly enough leave the fat behind), I’ve also been playing around with my leg weights. I actually picked up a set from ProsourceFit (I’ve linked them below if you are interested, they carry all sorts of fantastic home workout gear. I’ve been steadily adding to my collection since the arrival of Covid) and they have been a life saver.  I got the medium size leg/arm weights because they fit both my ankles and arms and instead of leaving them in the sunroom with my workout gear, I take them into the office with me. 


I allow myself to drink coffee only until ten in the morning. But the coffee pot is in the kitchen, not my office.  So I keep the leg weights on as long as I am drinking coffee.  Sometimes I do extra leg kicks and lifts (standing ones) when I move between kitchen and office.

After ten I take them off and feel light as a feather when walking around. Oddly enough, I find myself moving around a bit more just to enjoy the sensation while it lasts.  

Then throughout the day, I use the weights for my arms.  I don’t wear them constantly, that would be a bit much.  But sometimes I need to think through some wording or plan out a phone call or something and then I put them on my wrists and either do arm circles or arm lifts for a minute while I’m thinking. My arms still look a little chicken wing-esque, but I think it is helping. I know when people think of weights they generally tend to go kettle bells and dumbbells and weight balls, and I do use those, but I also really like the ankle/arm weights.

I am collecting a lot more home workout gear during quarantine actually. Some, good, some bad. Some I bought on a whim and now love, like the leg/arm weights.

It somehow doesn’t feel like I’m using weights with them, if that makes sense.  When they are on my legs I just feel like I am slogging through a heavy snow or something.

And yes sometimes that comes with one of the old nature show voices in my head

…And here we see the wild Mimsy as she makes her way across the frozen tundra in search of the elusive caffeine, a necessary component for her survival.  She will make this trek repeatedly, replenishing her inner storehouse so she can survive yet another day of seemingly endless conference calls discussing at length an issue that can be summed up in two sentences because others have become addicted to video conferencing… 

With the arms it just feels like I’m trying to distract my brain so I can think up the right words to use for whatever it is I’m actually doing, even if my muscles are sore the next morning. I’m sure it doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories, but I can feel it in my muscles and I’m pretty sure the wobbly chicken arms are wobbling less.

So that’s something. 

Plus when you take them off the Velcro makes a very satisfying ripping sound (without actually ripping anything). I have no idea why that is so satisfying, but it really is.

Now, if only I could get my baby doll to stop bringing home piles of snacks every time he goes out then I’ll be okay.  We were doing really good before Covid about not getting snacks, but stress and shopping once a month made each visit out of the house feel like an excursion.  When the two of us go together it is fine, but when he goes out alone, he comes back loaded with things not on the list.  For a while I was doing good resisting, and then the sneaky snack foods started creeping in a few bits at a time.  I think that is why even with increasing my workouts, my weight loss had plateaued during lock down.  Now that I’ve realized it, I’m starting to get it under control so hopefully soon I won’t feel like I’m standing still anymore and the weight will once again start to come off. 

So there you have it, my first Workout Waffle. I’m going to try to post these once a week, either Tuesday or Wednesdays. Mostly because I really miss talking to you about weight loss and workout stuff now that I’m not doing the weekly tip. I hope you enjoy them as well.

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Home Fitness: Let the Weights begin!

a set of five pound weights

Before I get started I have to say an apology to the world of yoga. I always knew it was exercise, but I thought it secondary to the gym. I have to say this morning when I got up, I could feel yesterday’s short bout of yoga. First of all I congratulated myself on taking it slow when getting started and easing myself into the new routine instead of dashing headlong into a full hour long workout.

I may have worked in the gym, but yoga is different. It feels easier when you are doing it somehow yet when you aren’t looking manages to kick your butt. It talks about breathing and calming stress while making you sweat.

It’s a sneaky sort of exercise.

I have to say I respect that.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s post I completed the Fifteen Minute Morning Yoga Routine from SarahBethYoga yesterday as my first stay at home fitness venture. I liked and repeated it this morning. Although I was a bit sore this morning, the routine loosened me up and made me feel better about doing other workouts.

Which was good because it was Tuesday and time for Weights. Yeah my weight options pretty much include the hand weights you see pictured above and a five lbs weight ball that I am pretty sure is buried somewhere in my closet.

So for today’s starting workout I walked a couple of laps between bursts of rain around my neighborhood. I used a large golf umbrella and my yellow rubber rain boots instead of my sneakers. My arches aren’t entirely happy with me but I found a set of Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts that I could tuck into the boots should they be necessary tomorrow. It’s not ideal, but we still have flooding. So I’ll take the sore feet.

Added to this was my hand weight workout. The specific one I tried today was called Workout with 5 Pound Weights – Home Workout with Dumbbells by Jessica Valant Pilates It is about ten minutes long, which I thought was good for a first workout with weights. It only uses the weights as the necessary equipment and was easy to follow along. There was no point where I was lost or confused and most importantly I could do all of the exercises. A few towards the end weren’t as stellar as the presenter’s versions, but I did them.

I also might have said a few not so nice things about people who actually seem to enjoy working out with weights, but I don’t think the people on the television heard me.

I hate weight day. I’ll be honest, I know it is important and I know I need to do it, hence the reason I schedule it, but I hate it.If I could get away with just walking I would. But I can’t. And since I can’t this was a good beginner workout for me to do. And as much as I complain about it, I will be doing it again on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be trying a yoga fitness ball routine and will hopefully manage to neither explode the ball nor propel myself into a wall. At least if I do knock myself out on the wall, I know I won’t be home alone. Starting tomorrow my darling dearest will be working from home. He is not the sort of person to whom working at home comes naturally. He is very much a work is work and home is home and never should the two meet.

I’m sure there will be some adjustments.

As well as someone to make sure I don’t brain myself on the wall. Once I have the yoga ball routine I will be set for a week or so. It (or a routine I like) will be for Monday, Wednesday and Friday while I go for the weights on Tuesday and Thursday and then continue with the fifteen minute wake up as my initial morning stretch during week days. Hopefully the weather will clear up and I will then get to exchange my rain boots for sneakers and I will have some semblance of a set routine. Then if I get bored, I can branch out. I have no idea how long the world will be upended, and personally despite random predictions, I don’t think anyone else knows either. I suspect howeve it will last long enough for my new routine to become routine and need shaking up.

But this week is about set up. Next week will be about monitoring and adjusting. Today we worry about our own sanity, tomorrow we worry about the world’s collective sanity. As my Gran used to say, “Everything in it’s own time.”

I’m not entirely sure she meant pandemics, but I’m gonna run with it.

For those looking to start their own home fitness routine I’m going to post a few links below you might find useful in gearing up. (Hanesbrands Inc.)

Buy 2 Sports Bras get 20% off w/code TWENTY! Excludes Clearance

Buy 2 Women’s Powerblend Styles and Save 20% Off with code POWERCOUPLE!

At Home Fitness Begins

My at home equipment

Last week, as far as weight loss goes, was a complete and utter bust. I completed no workouts, my menu plan went out the window due to grocery shortages and believing the world of fired restaurant food would soon be taken from him, my darling dearest came home with every assorted food he could think of to pick up from a take out place, most of which neither of us has eaten in over a year. As the phone rang off the hook and time was mostly spent checking on elderly relatives scattered in multiple countries, the comfort food was well appreciated. In addition to no workouts I think I binge ate more than four times my normal calorie budget each day.

But I made my peace with that.

I also didn’t step on the scale last Friday in an effort to preserve my own sanity.

But now that things are locked down for the most part, my sanity depends on regular exercise. So with all the gyms closed I am working out at home.

For those who have been reading my posts for a while, you will know that a big part of my exercise regime includes walking. It is low impact, and because I generally use the walking trail near my house it gets me some fresh air. It also provides breaks during my day so I am not always sitting at a computer.

The walking trails were put in the low lying flood prone areas to make use of mostly unusable land. Unfortunately when it floods, the trail is under water. It has been raining a lot lately. So even though today we only had intermittent rain, the trail was still under water. Luckily the houses are on higher ground as are the streets. So I, like a couple of my neighbors, have been taking advantage of the completely empty streets and the few breaks in the rain to get in a little outside time. So I’ve gotten some walking in today, while still maintaining my social distance.

I’ve also gone back to measuring my portion size and counting my calories. Stress eating at the moment is my biggest thing to avoid. While all of this is fine and standard. I am missing my gym. It is closed and I need some replacements. So I have turned to various sources to find them. Today, as the phones are still ringing, I added a fifteen minute morning yoga routine to my day courtesy of SarahBethYoga. If you click on the link it will take you to the video I tried.

Despite having a yoga mat, it has been a long time since I tried any yoga. I was somewhat nervous so I started with the fifteen minute routine. I figure I can do just about anything for fifteen minutes if I put my mind to it, with a few notable exceptions of course. Now while I have lost a substantial amount of weight (a little over 40 lbs at this point), I am still no light weight. I am probably at least ninety to a hundred pounds heavier than the woman in the video. I still managed to get through it relatively easily.

It was a good morning stretch and I will admit I did not do so well with the bending over and putting my hands on the ground part. I did use that as an extra stretch and figured the more I tried to do it the better I would get at the pose. I will aslo admit, my transitions, especially when it involved my knees and the floor, were not what anyone would call graceful. Still I made it through the video and I think I am going to add it to my morning routine. My plan is to build up a selection of workouts, alternating days, for example using Monday, Wednesday and Friday as flexibility work with yoga and then use Tuesday and Thursday as days to work with weights.

And as there are hundreds, if not thousands of videos in various sites available right now, I am sure to find enough that I can do with what I have and that I actually like doing. I think this one is definitely a keeper. Also as it is a basic stretching routine, I can use it as a warm up, even when I am doing other workouts. So I am well on my way to building a stable substitute workout routine at home. Also keeping myself moving keeps me from going stir crazy even if the rain is limiting my outside time.

Tomorrow, I will try to find a weight based one to start me off.Wish me luck.

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Weight loss Regime Survival Tip #42: Sanity and Acceptance

At the moment, the world has gone a little mad. My doomsday prepper neighbor is strutting around as though finally vindicated and I’ve learned that in the face of danger, people apparently stockpile toilet paper, chicken and milk. Entire sections of the grocery store shelves are completely empty.

while we have plenty of toilet paper. The usual amount actually, not a stock piled one, I would have liked to have added an extra emergency pack when I went grocery shopping last weekend, but I’ll live.

My menu plan was sort of torpedoed though as many of my staples were nowhere to be found. My babydoll and I tried to skew healthier with our in store recalculations, but I suspect meals are going to be heavier this week than usual. I’ve accepted that.

I also planned not to be in the gym this week, which is a good thing as my gym will apparently be closed until at least April 6th. With the machines providing less than six feet of distance between those working out, they felt incapable of assisting with ‘social distancing’.

Can I just say, I am amazed at how quickly that term has now become a part of the daily lexicon?

Part of social distancing involves most of the people I know now working from home. It has also led to the number of phone calls I get during the work day escalating dramatically as people call around to check on those they love. I appreciate being loved and I have been calling family and friends as well, particularly the older ones.

All of this us understandable and even expected.

However it does lead me to realize that I need to revise my personal expectations.

The gym is closed. Rain is sheeting down outside preventing walking on the walking trail (which is currently underwater at the moment). The constant communication means every twenty minutes there is a somewhat lengthy interruption.And food is hit or miss. Adding in basic stress and weight loss at the moment isn’t really a focus.

For my own sanity I need to accept that while I will be doing my best, some things are beyond my control. I have a set of weights at the house and if the weather clears up I will walk. I will monitor my portion size, but I am not going to worry about the scale.I know that even if I don’t lose any weight this week, even if I gain weight this week, or however long this stretch of coronavirus based insanity lasts, once I am through it and my stress level drops and the word returns to normal, my weight will once again be on a downward trend. My train is more resting at the station rather than being derailed.

I don’t know how normal or crazy your world is at the moment but whatever your personal goals, I hope you realize that sometimes allowing yourself to mentally hit pause is the best thing you can do. Beating yourself up for not meeting a weekly weight loss goal is cruel and unusual punishment and I would hope that as you take care of yourself and your family, you are nicer to yourself than that. Because you deserve better.

I’m trying to remember the same thing for myself.

Its harder than I thought it would be. I am always more understanding towards others than I am to myself. But I know I deserve better too. So I’m going to try for sanity and acceptance and not add to the insanity.