Weekly Weight: 216.0 lbs

The Scale: September 3rd, 2021

I know, it is the exact same weight as last week. I have to say i wasn’t expecting a loss this week. I built in some activity into my day, but it was raining and flooding in my are for most of the week so a lot of my normal fitness activities were out.

I actually made up a bit for that yesterday with a bike ride in the first day of sun we’ve seen in a bit and that may have helped. This morning my thighs are incredibly sore. I think it is harder to look at a scale that hasn’t changed in a week when your body is aching from exercise than it is when you just knew you were a bit of a schlub all week.

If I wasn’t sore i think I’d just be happy that I didn’t gain anything. Admittedly if i weren’t sore i might have actually gained something and my bike ride yesterday was what tipped the weight back into balance.

I can’t actually complain because lets face it, with the rain i didn’t really put the work in this week. The only reason it is a big deal is that I am now in the scale zone where I tend to plateau. It is generally at this point where I get stuck fluttering up and down by 0.2 lbs agonizing over every little thing until I make myself crazy and then say screw it and order pizza, and possibly wings. And then I feel sick because I am not used to having so much food and grease in my system. I gain several pounds and then give myself a stern talking to and get back on track.

I’ve seen 216 before and it is a dangerous weight for me.

I know it is a bit of an over reaction for a single no change week. And if my weight weren’t in the scary plateau zone I would be fine with it. And I am not truly unhappy with the no gain/loss this week.

Its just that plateau trigger I am watching out for. This time I’m hoping to avoid the frustration that leads to the pizza/wing spiral of doom. Not that there is anything wrong with either pizza or wings in moderation, but the doom spiral knows no moderation and must be avoided.

For now it is just a possibility. The rains left cooler temps behind that I should be able to take advantage of and with any luck skate paste the plateau before the beast senses my presence.

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 216.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 216.0 lbs

Change this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 30 lbs

So this week was a draw. A minor miracle with my workouts dropped down to few and far between and I am over all happy. The soreness and plateau nerves just have me feeling a little wary. The feeling will pass and I will be pleased that I managed to hold my own by finessing my calorie count. A no loss week clearly isn’t the end of the world. Plus it is hard to maintain a feeling of angst in the face of a three day weekend.

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